Large Industrial Land With Workshops/Warehouses For Rent.Easy Access From BAPCO/ALBA


Large Industrial Land with Warehouses/Workshops and Offices for rent. Easy access from BAPCO and ALBA.

A. Industrial Land size 25,000 square meter for rent. Asphalted and fenced. Approved as Laydown Area for Projects.

Rent @ 850 fils per square meter

B. Warehouses/Workshops minimum size 1200 sqm (total built-up area 8,000 sqm). Approved For Warehousing and Industrial activities of Projects.

Rent: BD 2.100 per square meter

C. Offices (18 Nos.) Each office comes with 3 bathrooms, kitchen and store. Approx size of each office is around 80 sqm. Approved as Project Office.

Rent: BD 200 each


Mob: 39990295

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