Looking for a preschool for your child in Guadibiya?
Look no further! Our preschool classes are designed to prepare your child with the basic knowledge of writing and reading, as well as interactive skills for their future success and development.

At our preschool, we offer a safe, loving, and fun atmosphere for your child to grow and learn in. Our curriculum includes a variety of subjects and activities, such as:

English, Hindi, Malayalam, Math
Pre-writing skills
Drawing and coloring
Hand and craft
Art/stories times
General knowledge
Good etiquette
Improving boldness
We also offer afternoon tuition classes for LKG to 7th standard from 3PM to 7PM.
But that's not all! Our preschool is located in Guadibiya, near Andalus Garden, next to Aramana Restaurant. We have a beautiful and spacious facility that is perfect for your child to learn and play in.

Enroll your child in our preschool classes today and give them the foundation they need for a successful future! Admissions are open for July month,
so contact us at 36789607