Electrical Engineer With 8+ Years Of Experience SCE/RSG-AMAALA APPROVED

Qualified Electrical Engineer with 8+ year’s experience in construction field as an Electrical Engineer
(MEP). Experience in MEP Project execution & commissioning with strong analytical, team-building,
problem-solving and organizational abilities to develop detailed scheduling, recourse utilization,
progress measurement and execution.

Management and supervision of On-site Installation
Activities for LV System, SMDB/SEMDB/ ATS/DB, Power
Capacitors, FCU/CU/Escalator, and Elevator Power
cables, WIFI, Access Control, Public Address, Fire Alarm
System, CCTV, Earthing and Grounding System.
• Responsible for implementations and monitoring of all
electrical-related works at the site.
• Supports Project Manager with electrical project
establishment and closeout.
• Estimates, prepares, and assigns the resources such as
manpower, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, etc.
required for all electrical and related works prior to
• Prepares Inspection (RFI) of work according to a
• Maintains logs and supervises RFIs, Daily Reports, and
• Prepares all document-related testing &commissioning.
• Prepares shop drawing and as built.
• Generate different types of QA/QC requests.
• Coordination among sub-contractors, vendors, and clients.
• Interfacing between other contractors, Project
Management Consultants, Client, and Vendor.
• Quality Assurance during Installation activities.
• Testing & Commissioning, Site Acceptance Testing, System
Integration Testing.
Coordinate with Client representatives regarding the implementation and quality of work and
compliance with all scope and cost specifications.
• Ensured accurate and timely reporting standards are maintained throughout the projects
• Establish & communicate targets for projects with other team project members
• Participated in Client/Contractor meetings and resolved Client/engineering and management
project issues.
• Cost controlling for the project through rework and improper installation.
• Assisting project engineers to submit RFI documents in a timely manner and keep a proper log.
• Monitoring close-out of snags raised by the consultant and supervising the temporary services items
at project closeout.
• Monitoring approval of submittals by the consultant.
• Execution and supervision of project activities such as drawings, submittals, design modification,
and procurement.
• Maintains all data used for redundancy efforts and assists with remediation efforts as a result of test
findings and risk assessments.
• Server administration and repair.
• Supervise activities regarding the execution of the airport special system.
• Site Inspection, Supervision, and Team Management.
• Inspection of any faults or problems.
• Installation of OFC, CAT-VII & Electrical cabling systems.
• Installation of backup power system in 30, 60 & 80 KVA categories.

Sohail Anwar