Supercharge your journey to CFA Level 1 success with our dynamic coaching led by a seasoned CFA Charter holder, a true expert with a wealth of experience in both professional practice and guiding aspiring CFAs in top private institutions.

🚀 Unlike the usual online coaching options in Riyadh, our live sessions promise an unmatched impact on your learning journey. Say goodbye to the limitations of online learning as we dive deep into all topics, ensuring a level of understanding that sets us apart.

💡 Exciting news! We've expanded our coaching program to 60 sessions, each a power-packed 2 hours long. That's more opportunities for in-depth exploration of the CFA Level 1 curriculum, exclusively on weekends (Friday and Saturday). Get ready for a structured approach that will boost your confidence and mastery of the material.

📚 Worried about study materials? No problem! We've got you covered. Now, you can easily arrange your study materials with a simple cash payment. It's hassle-free, making sure you have everything you need, including the prestigious Schweser publication that perfectly complements our rigorous coaching sessions.

💰 Invest in your success with a competitive fee, now adjusted to SAR 12,000. Plus, for the power of collaboration, group discounts are available for cohorts of 3 or more participants.

🌟 Exciting times for professionals in the north of Riyadh! We're thrilled to offer hybrid classes, giving you the flexibility to choose between physical and online sessions. It's designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule without compromising the high-quality learning experience we provide.

📍 The location of the physical sessions will be strategically chosen based on the number of participants and their locations. Don't miss out! Secure your spot now to unlock the full potential of your CFA Level 1 journey with our expert-led coaching. Let's make your success story stand out! 🚀✨

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