INR 590000, Basic Concepts Of Video Encoders

Video encoder refers to a network transmission device that compresses digital video and processes audio and video data. In the process of network transmission, what is more important is the clearness of the video image and the difference in broadband between the processed video. In real-time applications, adaptive bandwidth has always been the goal of the encoder’s bit rate control algorithm. Resolution: Resolution is the definition of video, ultra clear, high definition and the like. The most common features are:720P (ultra-clear) film source requires 4M1080P (Full HD) film source requires 8M bit stream4K (Ultra High Definition) source requires 10M bit stream Lossless / lossless coding: In digital compression technology, lossless and lossless coding applications are everywhere, and the information in the transmission process is not damaged.

We Have Two Types Of Video Encoder:
Wired Video Encoder
Wireless Video Encoder

Wired Video Encoder:

We have two type of video Encoder in this category,
Kiloview SDI to IP Video Encoder
Kiloview HDMI to IP Video Encoder

Kiloview SDI to IP Video Encoder:
Kiloview E1 H.264 live video encoder delivers H.264 SDI video to various platforms like live broadcasts, Youtube Live, Facebook and live broadcast audio and video encoding Livestream and more. Applications of the SDI encoder include TV Broadcast, school teaching, live broadcasting, church streaming. E1 encoder has approved by CE,FCC,ISO,etc.

Kiloview HDMI To IP Video Encoder:
Kiloview E2 video encoder can deliver H.264 encoding HDMI video streams of independent IP output to various servers for live application, such as wowza media server, windows media server , social media platform, and some other servers based on RTSP/ RTMP/ SRT/ HLS/ TS/ Onvif protocols. Kiloview E2 video encoder is widely applied in hotel TV system, school teaching, live broadcasting. E2 encoder has approved by CE,FCC,ISO,etc.

Wireless Video Encoder:
We have two type of video Encoder in this category,

Mine Media Q8

P1/P2 Video Encoder

Mine Media Q8


3 SIM/WiFi/Ethernet/USB Dongle

M Live App Control

Portable to carry

Portable Wireless 4G Streaming Encoder, HD live video streaming through RTMP/RTMPS/RTSP directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc
H.264 (RTMP/RTMPS), H.265 (RTSP), support up to 1080p60
Simultaneously bond up to 6 network links including support for 3* 4G LTE cellular or 1* USB Dongle, Wifi and Ethernet.
Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 4-6 hours of continuous streaming.

P Series

Kiloview P1 /P2video encoder is a professional high-end encoding device specially designed for mobile applications. It can encode SDI /HDMI video source , then transmit it to the internet live broadcast platforms through multi-channels 4G-LTE network (bonding). It also supports wired/wifi network transmission. P1 encoder has approved by CE,FCC,ISO,etc.

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