Civil/Architectural/Fit Out Draftsman

Dear sir, I am looking for a job as an Civil/Architectural/Fit out Draftsman.

I have more than 10+ years experience in High Rise Building in Doha, Qatar expert in Drafting Civil/ Architectural / Fit out drawings.

Software Skill:
Revit Civil

• Preparation of detailed Civil, Architectural, Interior Design (ID), and Structural shop drawings based on design drawings.
• Development of General Architectural/Structural shop drawings, including Excavation layouts, Section details, Pile layouts, slab and column layouts with MEP requirements, Staircase section details, ramp details, construction joint details in raft, slab, and retaining walls, etc.
• Creation of Architectural shop drawings, covering Blockwork layouts, Tiling layouts, Finishes layouts, Ceiling layouts, external layouts, and Section & Elevation details.
• Production of Floor Tiling and Wall Tiling Section & Elevation Details.
• Development of Landscape drawings.
• Preparation of Shop Drawings as per project requirements.
• Providing site work and installation coordinates.
• Development and preparation of coordination drawings in collaboration with design engineers.
• Creating Door, Windows & Finishes Schedules.
• Preparing Redline & As-built drawings for Structure, Architecture, and ID works.
• Generating As-Built Drawings based on site conditions.
• Gathering information from the site and implementing it into the As-Built drawings.
• Working independently under the direction of senior architects and engineering managers.
• Maintaining records of all Shop Drawings and RFIs through drawings & RFI logs.
• Tracking all Structural & Architectural shop drawings through proper logs.
• Superimposing architectural drawings over structural drawings, and identifying discrepancies to be reported to the head
of the department or engineer to raise RFIs for further clarification with the consultant.
• Preparation of QCDD (Civil Defense) Documents.
• Performing other duties as directed by management, fostering closer communication and coordination with design staff.
• Completing any other assigned duties and responsibilities as needed.
• Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for projects and tenders

My Email - [email protected]

Contact : 0091-9908465356

Present Location : Hyderabad India.

Ready to join Immediately.

Syed Afsar
Civil /Architectural Draftsman
Hyderabad, India