Professional Training In Accounts & Finance (Online Facility)

Professional Training In Accounts & Finance (Online Facility)
(Online Classes - Assigned Separately for Each Students)

A unique Program by a team of professional’s struggling to educate and provide experience with technical Skills, in Accounts and Finance, to become a full flag accountant. To achive the objective we have sorted the information & knowledge required for a perfect practical accountant. Which improve the skills of employees working as junior levels/middle levels in Accounts & Finance.

The Unique Program formula created & developed involve a study of 25 years.The program is recommended for Junior & Middle level employees. Program formula is designed to achieve the purpose which comprehensive and affordable for all.

Program consist of three stages recommended for different levels.

1-Junior Level USD 150 PER MONTH
2-Expert Level USD 250 PER MONTH
3-Professional Level USD 350 PER MONTH

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Online Internship/Accountant's Training Program (IMO Zoom Meet) (1 Day Free)

A training program where you can learn to find a better job position in Accounts.

Only One to One Classes (Group Consist Only One Student & Teacher)

Purpose :
To Generate Professional and Experience Administrators that can learn under
the management of highly qualified Teachers.

1 Short Course One Week (USD 100/-)(Daily 1 Hour and 5 Days)
2 Short Course One Month (USD 250/-)(Daily 1 Hour and 5 Days)
3 Complete Course Three Months (USD 500/-)(Daily 1 Hour and 5 Days)

Program :
> Financial Statements Preparing/Analysis at Expert level.
> From Basic Adjusting / Closing Entries.
> Inventory control/Management (Daily Production Reports and Material Issuance).
> Accounts Receivable/Management (Invoices generation / documents Inspection) .
> Accounts Payable/Management (Purchases Order,Quoatation,Gate Pass)aging analysis report.
> Banks Management(Reconciliation monthly / Mark Up Calculation).
> LC Management (Opening/Closing procedure ).
> Raw Material Costing ( Issuance/Consumption ).
> Lease Management (Schedule of Vehicle lease).

Excel Mod :

Preparing Reports on Excel Mod using vlook formula/Sum if etc

Accounting Standards/Modules
Learning International accounting standards and implementation

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