Accountant /Administration /Coordinator


[email protected]
Dear Hiring Manager,

I appreciate the opportunity to apply for a position in your esteemed organization. Upon reviewing the job
description, it is evident that you are seeking a candidate who is well-versed in the responsibilities of the role
and can perform them with confidence. I am confident that I possess the necessary skills to excel in this role
and surpass expectations.

With my strong background in accounting, administration, and customer service, I believe that I possess the
skills and experience necessary to make a valuable contribution to your organization.
Now Iam working in food trading company in Bahrain as an accountant.

I have a proven track record of success as an Accountant, with recent experience at Noisengrains and Star
Chairs, where I effectively managed financial records, conducted financial analysis, and prepared accurate
financial statements. I am adept at utilizing various accounting software and possess an in-depth
understanding of accounting principles and regulations. My attention to detail and analytical mindset have
allowed me to identify cost-saving opportunities and implement efficient financial controls.
Furthermore, my previous role as an Administration Officer at Muthoot Fincorp honed my skills in
coordinating administrative activities, managing documentation, and ensuring smooth operations. I have
experience in travel arrangements, meeting organization, and office supply management. With strong
organizational skills, I can prioritize tasks effectively and handle multiple responsibilities concurrently.
Additionally, I bring valuable experience as a Customer Service Officer at Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,
where I excelled in providing exceptional customer experiences. I possess excellent communication and
interpersonal skills, allowing me to resolve inquiries, address complaints, and meet customer needs
promptly. I am adept at building positive relationships with clients and ensuring their satisfaction through
efficient and timely responses.
After reviewing my CV, I believe that my qualifications make me a competent and competitive candidate for
this position. I look forward to discussing how my skills and abilities can benefit your organization in more
detail. Please feel free to contact me at +973-35499234 or [email protected] to schedule a
convenient meeting time.
Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly anticipate hearing from you soon.