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Get Industrial Strength Epoxy For High-Traffic Areas
Industrial flooring requires a higher grade of protective coating to withstand the load of daily pressures. The best type of epoxy flooring for an industrial space depends on the nature of the business. At DreamCrete Custom Creations, we understand this concept very well.

Anti-Slip Coating
Additives like sand and gravel give the epoxy flooring a skid-free texture. This is vital for places like restaurants, hospitals, and factories, with tiled flooring that involves working with heavy-duty machinery. This type of coating can be either colorless or decorated.

Antimicrobial Coating
Antimicrobial epoxy flooring is the best option for food manufacturers, healthcare centers, and other FDA-approved entities. These places are prone to bacterial growth and need frequent cleaning. Antimicrobial epoxy coating is quick-drying and forms a shield on the floor. It comes with protective agents to form a non-porous surface. In addition, it also prevents the formation of mildew and bacteria.

Decorative Coating
We encourage our clients to be creative with their decorating coating choice. Adding the company logo, images, or other related elements creates a good impression. Also, the epoxy coating protects and keeps the decorative elements as good as new for years.

ESD (Electrostatic Dissipating) Coating
Floors may generate static electricity, which can damage electronic equipment. Epoxy is known for its insulating properties. Medical labs, centers, and those with electronic activity need ESD coating to keep the static charges from building up. However, this type of coating does require some maintenance for the best results.

Thermal Shock-Resistant Coating
To protect large facilities from extreme temperatures, they need the safest type of coating available. Food and beverage plants or places with heavy equipment need a thermal shock-resistant epoxy coating. It prevents the floor from cracking and breaking and can repel wear and tear for a long time.
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