Process all type of Saudi Gov services .

All type of visa services

1: Family permanent visa.
2:Multiple visit visa for all professions
3:Visa extend without traveling.

Jawazat and Minsitry of labour .

4: Hurrob cancel .
5:Final exit (huroob or expired) cancel from jawazat or ministry of labour .
6:All jawzat prints ban or Tarheel .
7: Chamber services for visit visa or other.
8: Passport date update in jawazat for iqama renewel.
9: Solve cases issues of ministry of labour .
10: Iqama print lost or new card.
11:Driving license without test and class.
12:Medical for : iqama ,driving license ,hunger and delivery jobs .
13:Remove from name old car or solded scrap cars .
14: Medical for Iqama , Driving license , and delivery jobs .
15: Issue new id or tempory iqama number for new worke Visa holders.

Please only intersted person contact .
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