(Online Classes - Assigned Separately For Each Students)

(Online Classes - Assigned Separately for Each Students)

A unique Program by a team of professional’s struggling to educate and provide experience with technical Skills, in Accounts and Finance, to become a full flag accountant. To achieve the objective we have sorted the information & knowledge required for a perfect practical accountant. Which improve the skills of employees working as junior levels/middle levels in Accounts & Finance.

The Unique Program formula created & developed involve a study of 25 years.The program is recommended for Junior & Middle level employees. Program formula is designed to achieve the purpose which comprehensive and affordable for all.

Program consist of three stages recommended for different levels.
1-Junior Level USD 150 PER MONTH
2-Expert Level USD 250 PER MONTH
3-Professional Level USD 350 PER MONTH

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Doha, Accounting, (Online Classes - Assigned Separately For Each Students)