QA/QC Engineer Electrical 5+ Years Experience/ Immediately Availabale

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Dear All,
I am an Electrical QA/QC Engineer having 5+ Years of Experience Currently working with Sheikh Saeed Muhammad Al Kahtani Construction LLC. Jeddah as a Contractor QA/QA Engineer. I have keen knowledge of process concern with QMS. and having the following skills.

Studying Projects Scope and Specification

Materials Submittals preparation.

Materials Approval request submission

Inspection and test plan preparation

ITP approval from PMC

Check lists preparation.

Check list approval PMC and Client.

Materials Approval Request preparation.

MAR approval from PMC, Client.

Material inspection request preparation.

MIR approval from PMC inspector/ Client's inspector.

Execution of work as per Project specification.

Ensure the establishment of quality procedures including time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works and other QA/QC requirements.

Oversee and manage quality assessment of materials through regular and rigid laboratory tests.

Work Inspection request preparation.

WIR approval from PMC, Client QC inspectors.

In consultation with the project staff, review technical specifications and recommend standard construction specifications for all items of works for their effective use in projects’ works.

Review contractor practices and conventional methodologies and make recommendations where remedial action is required.

Work with project engineers and design consultants for establishing procedures with time limits for the inspection, sampling and testing of works and all other QA/QC requirements.

Conduct initial survey queries on sources to materials, ensuring quality and quantity is of economic value to the project.

Perform other duties as may be assigned.

Any type of Electrical supervision, Design Review, Coordination with MEP team, Archi team, civil team and with client.

All type of Documentation, QS WORK, QC work, (RFI, WIR, MIR, ETC)

To follow project manuals, Schematics approved drawings and applicable standards.

Coordination with testing team at the testing & Commissioning stage and following their requirements.

Ability to work with all level employees & fast decision maker.

Can manage work schedules and meet deadlines (tough work under pressure)

Installation of electrical equipment’s

Estimate the testing maintenance installation cost in excel sheet,

Redraw and quickly work according to deadline in AutoCAD drawings in version 2021.

Ability to work distribute amongst manpower at site.

Documentations ( RFI, MIR, WIR, NCR, etc)

Work Schedule, Daily progress report, Monthly progress report, Project coordination, technical teams management, Site inspection. Overseeing (DB, SMDB, MDB dressing, installation, termination, etc.


Thanks, Regards
Engr Tariq Ullah