QA QC Civil Engineer ( 5Years GCC Experience)

Civil QA/QC Engineer
Larsen & Toubro Saudi Arabia
01 Jun 2021– 30 March 2023
Review the method statements and ensure all requirements are included.
Schedule inspection of works in coordination with the Site Engineer.
Prepare and maintain inspection logs, and records, and obtain approval from clients.
Inspecting the calibration certificates of measuring tools.
Maintain third-party testing reports.
Review Quality Control records and ensure correctness.
Developing and implementing quality standards.
Developing and implementing quality control systems.
Monitoring and analyzing quality performance.
Managing and supervising project site.
Checking technical designs and drawings to ensure that they are followed correctly on site.
Preparing daily, weekly and monthly work & and equipment progress reports.
Preparing method statements for civil/ architectural work.
Preparing Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) for civil/architectural work.
Execute the work of sub-contractors.
Submitting pre-qualifications and MAR (Materials approval request) to a consultant.
Submitting WIR (work inspection request) and MIR (materials inspection request).
Reviewing codes, specifications, and processes.

Civil QA/QC Engineer
01 Nov 2018– Jun 2021

Performing pre-inspection of site work and materials.
Making corrective action reports for observations related to civil/architectural work and safety.
Dealing with consultants and clients daily.
Keeping a record of all reports, test results, and documents related to QA/QC and construction work.
Check and review the IFC Drawing and Shop Drawing for the proper construction and quality implementation at the job site before the start of the activity
Coordinating with other departments for site activities.
Ensuring project packages meet agreed specifications, budgets and/or timescales.
Providing technical advice to construction and project manager and solving problems on site.
Performing pre-inspection to ensure that all installed materials are approved and within the standard in conformance to applicable drawings and specifications.
Weekly updating logs (WIR/MIR log, MST log)
Witnessing concrete pouring and its relative tests.
Preparing quantities of concrete, steel, and shuttering materials for MR. (Materials Request).
Keeping records of all test reports.
Preparing monthly Take-off sheets for BOQ.
Performing inspections on site to check that sub-contractors are following quality and safety standards at the site.
Preparing close-out reports for HSE weekly observation reports.
Preparing close-out reports for NCRs.
Issuing of internal NCR for nonconformance to project specifications or drawings.
Witnessing different Tests like the Proctor test, Dynamic cone test, Slump Test, Half Cell Test, standard penetration test, Concrete temperature, Schmidt hammer test, etc. • Submitting RFI (Request for Information) for missing info related to the project.

Civil QA/QC Engineer
MAK Engineering Services ( Pakistan)
01 Jan 2017 – Oct 2018
Visual inspection of construction installation.
Witnessing during calibration of the instrument, counter checking of the instrument data sheet.
Quality inspection of Commercial and residential buildings.
Coordinating between all sites of the company for Quality Control.
Conducting final inspection with the Client’s representative prior to proceeding with concrete pouring and other succeeding work activities which requires step-by-step inspection as per inspection and testing procedures as per approved I.T.P.
Ensure that all the construction activities are systematically controlled and executed so that only conforming materials, equipment, approved methods and procedures are used for construction purposes.
Coordinate with construction crew for ongoing civil/structural activities, including but not limited to excavation, backfilling, compaction, Field Density Test, rebar inspection, formwork inspection, concrete pouring, asphalting, etc.
Ensure that all construction operations are carried out in accordance with the project Specification, Construction Procedure, inspection and testing plan, and approved method statement.
Preparing the inspection test request including relevant documents before the inspection date.
Inspecting and testing materials, equipment, processes, and products to ensure quality specifications are met.
Collaborating with operations managers to develop and implement controls and improvements.
Prepare a request for inspection (RFI)