Mitral Valve Repair In India: Things You Need To Know

Mitral valve repair is a surgical treatment for people suffering from mitral valve disease. This surgery involves open-heart procedure to repair or replace the damaged valve. Replacement of valve is recommended by a heart surgery specialist only when it cant be repaired and replacement is the only option left. One is suggested to get mitral valve surgery in Delhi if they suffer from valve disease like:
- Mitral Valve Regurgitation
- Mitral Valve stenosis

As per the best cardiac surgeon in Delhi, if one is suffering from mild mitral valve disease and not experiencing any serious symptoms, then one may not need surgery and would be prescribed with the suitable medication. To get a mitral valve repair in delhi at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, one must schedule a consultation with Dr. Sujay Shad, who is the director of cardiac transplant and Professor & Senior Consultant of Cardiac Surgery. He also specializes in the comprehensive management of Heart Failure patients. Contact now!

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