Maven Success - Top Remote Staffing Agency

Maven Success, co-founded by long-time business partners and real estate investors Sean and Jordan, is your gateway to unleashing virtual talent for real success. Drawing on their extensive experience of using virtual assistants across various ventures, they established Maven Success with two core objectives:

1. To unearth exceptional virtual talent, enhancing the profitability of US-based companies.
2. To serve as a guiding hand in seamlessly integrating remote employees into client organizations.

Their mantra, ""Work on your company, not in it,"" underlines the essence of outsourcing tasks effectively. With a proven track record in sourcing and vetting offshore talent, Maven Success helps you discover the ideal executive assistant who can tackle tasks with prowess.

Remarkably, Maven Success practices what it preaches, with 100% of their employees being Maven Success VAs. The company follows a comprehensive 9-step process, ensuring a smooth transition from consultation to VA onboarding, culminating in guaranteed success.

Maven Success offers a versatile array of remote employees capable of handling various roles, allowing you to find the perfect full-time problem solver and keep them in-house, enhancing your business's overall efficiency.

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