American/British Curriculum Home Tuition And Home Schooling Support

We provide essential tools and skills for early reading, writing, listening and speaking English language. Our Programme for Young Learners is an individualised learning enhancement program. Our mission is to give children aged 3-15 years old the best possible start at the outset of their learning career. What we aim to achieve are:

• Focus attention

• Improve eye-hand coordination

• Learn the alphabet

• Learn basic punctuation

• Develop and strengthen pre-reading and basic reading skills

• Develop basic – advanced writing skills

• Improve sight word recognition and comprehension

We give total support to young learners with school support. Every parent knows how important school is for their child’s growth during the K-15 years. However, it doesn’t just end when the bell rings at 2 P.M. After-school programs are a great way to further improve your child’s development.

After-school programs offer the opportunity for kids to not only work on their homework but to get help if they need it. Your child may feel more comfortable working on school assignments in a slightly less formal environment where they can ask questions at any time.

For further details contact on the number given above.