What Are The Main Mistakes Made While Writing Answers In The UPSC Mains Exam?

The mains exam is one of the most thorough exams available, covering a plethora of topics and subtopics that a candidate cannot afford to skip over while studying. However, in addition to studying each of them, they also need to consider how they could include all of these subjective aspects into a single answer as part of their preparation. When I used to write answers, my mind would wander in all directions. For example, when I was thinking about one topic, I would immediately think of another and find that it should also be included. This made me unsure of what was significant and what wasn't.

Then, in order to get past this obstacle with regard to my preparation, I considered joining a platform that could mentor and assist by allowing me to participate in a daily practice framework through a well-structured UPSC mains answer writing program.

Fortunately, I was able to do so through EDEN IAS, one of the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi. All of my problems and troubles ended when I enrolled here, and I was able to better organize my preparation because I was answering every topic on a daily basis from all angles, which expanded my knowledge of the questions that might be asked and the appropriate ways to respond to them. I mostly learned to comprehend the question's needs when practicing under their conditions.

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