Khus root powder- Benefits, Price & Uses

• Vetiver is commonly known as Khus Khus. It is a Grass with the height of 2 - 5 feets. It has a different distinctive smell and is used more commonly in summers to keep us cold and hydrated.

How vetiver is known in your area?

• In Hindi speaking states, it is known as Khus. In Marathi, it is known as Vala. In Telugu speaking states it is known as vettivellu. In Bengal Vetiver is known as Khus Khus.
• It is very useful for your skin and hair. Vetiver is a natural exfoliator for the skin. It is used as a natural Scrub in homes for cleaning the skin. It is also known to reduce wrinkles and acne from the skin. It is equally good for the hair. It is known to treat dandruff and adds strength to the hairs.
• This is a medicine, and needs to be used with the proper prescription suggesting the doses for the drug.

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