# Good coordination.
# Preparing the activity list according to the shop drawing standard
and specification of the project.
# Supervising the contractor and sub-contractor reviewing daily basis
plan and progress as per project schedule.
# Procurement of material & arrangement / assistance required
during major Installation of Plumbing, Fire fighting, Chilled water and
HVAC equipment such as Chiller, AHU, FCU's , Crack unit,
Refrigeration unit,Split AC, FHC, ZCV,PUMPs & all types of Piping,
Sanitary fixure works, Insulation & cladding etc.
# Preparing reports such as daily progress and HSE.
# Inspected completed work as per required to QC and Consultant.
# Working and performing as a one team at the project.
# Preparing take off material such as Plumbing, Fire fighting and
Chilled water system.
# Preparing permit to work as daily basis.
Jeddah, Job Seekers, Mechanical SupervisorJeddah, Job Seekers, Mechanical SupervisorJeddah, Job Seekers, Mechanical Supervisor