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"Now Your Child will No More be afraid of Mathematics" .

I am M.Phil Mathematics + (B.Ed) from UET Lahore Pakistan and most importantly I am a Teacher by Choice not by Chance.

12 years of National and International Teaching Experience (All Syllabus) . In Dubai and other states of UAE I Have taught around 6 years upto A-Level (KS5) and in Pakistan almost 7 years upto University level.

My Main focus is to Clarify the Basic Concepts of Mathematics in every student so that he or she can handle all the problems with ease . As if they have grip over the basic concepts they just need to learn the idea of the new concept and start applying it by using their previously learned basics as Mathematics is totally based on chain learning concepts and this method makes their lives easy and students start loving Maths.

People think Mathematics is a dry subject but i think its the most easiest subject if we the teachers start giving physical and tangible examples related to each topic. I have a lot of ideas which make all the topics very easy for the students.

I can teach any Book which includes the word Mathematics in its title thats all .

If your Child is really suffering from learning Mathematical concepts you can contact me for a Demo Lesson and I make it sure your Kid will start Loving this subject .

You can call me or watsapp me at 0535090437

With High Regard
Prof. Fahad