SAR 2099, Apple IPhone 12 Pro Max With Facetime - 128GB Gold

Great condition - always in case and screen guard - comes with Red leather case official, and box with cable, plus free screen protector.

Phone is used for less than 2 years and battery replaced.

A14 Bionic is the first 5-nanometer chip in the industry, with advanced components literally atoms wide. Forty percent more transistors rev up speeds while increasing efficiency for great battery life. And a new ISP powers Dolby Vision recording — something no pro movie camera, let alone any other phone, can do.
Mobile phones provides an opportunity for friends and families to stay in touch regardless of their physical distances
With the help smartphone you can do messaging and picture sharing and social media and emails and can connect and communicate with people
Dual SIM: 1 Physical SIM, 1 e-SIM
Facetime is available on the product & would be accessible in regions where facetime is permitted by telecom operators
Featuring the most 5G bands on any smartphone, iPhone 12 Pro models offer the broadest 5G coverage worldwide.1 Models in the US support millimetre wave, the higher frequency version of 5G
Allowing iPhone 12 Pro models to reach speeds up to 4Gbps, even in densely populated areas. iPhone 12 Pro models also feature Smart Data mode, which extends battery life by intelligently assessing 5G needs and balancing data usage, speed, and power in real time

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