Electrical Engineer Inspection And Maintenance, Troubleshooting

I am Electrical Engineer. I have experience in Electrical Power System.
I am competent to perform project management tasks, including job planning, maintenance, and troubleshooting involving Electrical Power/Communication related projects.
I have good hands on:

❖ Installation of MV Switch gear panels,
❖ LV, MV, installing instruments, small power and lighting.
❖ MCC Panels, distribution panels.
❖ Responsible for all aspects of underground work including cable pulling
❖ Installation of Cable tray and trunks.
❖ Installation of cable pulling, cable gland, Cable testing, cable torque and termination.
❖ MV, LV and Instrumentation cable laying, cable megger, cable IR test, cable loop test, cable
torque and cable terminations.
❖ Installation of 13.8 KV switchgear system.
❖ Installation of power panel, distribution panel and sub distribution panels.
❖ Installation of current transformer and voltage transformer.
❖ Installation of ABB circuit breaker.
❖ Installation of power transformer.
❖ Installation of Emergency lighting, switches and outlets.
❖ Installation of Generator, ATS panel, UPS system
❖ Supervision the team for work activity,
❖ Power cable and instrumentation cable pulling, cable gland, cable testing and termination.
❖ Cables and motor winding IR testing through Megger.
❖i have knowlage about the plc ,ETAP, protaction relay Ref615

Degree: Electrical Engineering
Mobile no 0597721910
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