Tektronix Technologies: Safe School Bus Security Solutions Of The Dubai

School coaches are cited beyond everything and undeniably in the modern world of schoolchildren transportation, Tektronix Technologies technological wave has come to the foreground as far as the stipulations security on school buses is concerned. Here is a detailed description of some of their interesting facilities, the benefits and also how it has gained a countrywide acclaim not only in UAE but also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

School Bus Security:

Parents and schools alike are concerned with keeping students safe as they travel between classes on school buses. Tektronix Technologies has devised School Bus Security Solutions tailored specifically to address this concern.

Stats on school bus accidents

Examining recent school bus incident statistics to gain a clear picture of their severity can shed light on proactive measures required for protecting children on school buses.

Tektronix Technologies - Leaders in school bus security

Innovative Surveillance Solutions

Tektronix School Bus Security Solutions provide state-of-the-art surveillance. HD cameras installed within and outside the bus provide real-time monitoring to deter threats while upholding accountability.

Real-time GPS Tracking to monitor locations

GPS trackers are an integral component of Tektronix solutions, offering parents, administrators and authorities’ real-time location of buses as an extra layer of safety and security.

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