USD 5060, Shop For Emerald Promise Ring (1.78cts)

Want a special gift for your loved one?? What could be a better choice than a promise ring? The perfect symbol of commitment. Explore limitless designs of emerald promise rings that suit every style & budget. Our vast collection holds stunning designs from sophisticated to bold for every interest. On the other hand, 20% off on your first purchase is just the cherry on the cake.

Product Details

Setting Item# R64770REEM
Rhodium Plating: No
Prong Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Ring Width (Widest Point): 2.9mm

# of Stones: 1
Shape: Pear
Weight: 1.78 cts?
Quality Grade: AAAA (Heirloom)?
Color Intensity: Intense Green?
Eye Clarity: Slightly Included?
Transparency: Transparent
Enhancement: Oiled?
Origin: Zambian
Dimensions (mm): 9.82X7.80X4.58?

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New York, Jewelry, USD 5060,  Shop For Emerald Promise Ring (1.78cts)