ZORBIE Scum Brick Bobble Scum Collector Orange

ZORBIE Scum Brick Bobble Scum Collector for Spa Hot Tubs Orange

oil absorbing
reduces foul odors
reduces foaming
absorbs body & suntan oils
helps keep water crystal clear
Key Benefits

Removes Body Oil and Makeup
Removes Foul Odors beneath the Spa lid
By removing the dead bacteria laden skin, pH is easier maintained
Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble
Removes Contaminants, Absorbs Oils and Odours
The World Famous “Water Bobble” for Pools & Spas!
When properly placed in the skimmer, the Water Bobble, removes contaminants right off the surface. Stopping the Bacteria laden Dead Skin, Body Oil, Makeup, from going round & round, within your circulatory system. The majority of the Dead Skin, will collect on the Zorbie, rather than congeal on your filter.
“Water Bobbles” last 30-90 days or until they settle low in the water, depending on bather loads.

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