Required Rental Dumping 24 Cu Mtrs Trailers For Jeddah

Reputed Jeddah Co Required Dump trailers 150,
1-Type of stage materials - normal soil, body - 24 cubic meter size,
2-Distance 15 km one side trip inside of site area
3- Description of the route off road
4-Work site - Jeddah
5- Number of working hours and days. 10 + 10 hours
6- Project duration - 1 year
7-Description of the employer is contractor
8- Payment daily - 10 + 10 = 20 hours duty in week 6 days and 26 days in a month,(in ten hour duty five trips are mandatory) monthly 38000 sar for 20 hours duty

Documents required:

Valid Driver iqama copy
Valid Driver driving licence
Valid Vehicle registration
Valid Insurance
Valid Operation card (card tashqeel)
Valid Authorization absher
Trailer photo
Driver photo
And others (if required we will let you know)

Payment Every day ( daily)

Note : trailers should be starting model from 2005 to 2024

After parking trailers at site within 8 working days work permit will be released,

Please send your documents, by WhatsApp,

Please contact me by WhatsApp only

Please contact me by WhatsApp only

Please contact me by WhatsApp only