USD 435, Glorious Round Sapphire Blue Gemstones

The beauty of glorious round sapphire blue gemstones, weighing 2.18 carats and showcasing a stunning navy blue color. Learn more about these exquisite gemstones and how to incorporate them into your collection. View more: Get 20% off when you make your first purchase at GemsNY. You can also take advantage of the free service. Lifetime Guarantee, 30-day Return Policy, and Fast Shipping

Product Details

Item number: S40210RD
Stone Type: Single
Gem Type: Natural Sapphire
Shape: Round
Weight: 2.18cts.

Dimensions: 7.53X7.48X4.66
Quality Grade: A (Good)
Color Intensity: Navy Blue
Eye Clarity: Moderately Included

Transparency: Opaque
Origin: Australian
Enhancement: Heated
Lab Reports: GEMSNY

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Price: $435

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New York, Jewelry, USD 435,  Glorious Round Sapphire Blue Gemstones