Documents Controller, Customer Service Executive

Asalam o alaikum.
Good day.
I am looking for job in any of the given below positions.
1. Customer Service Executive
2. Insurance Specialist
3. Documents controller
4. Data Analyst ( Google sheet, XL Workbook and Power BI)
5. Executive Secretary
6. Sales & Marketing
I have almost more than 11years experience from Saudi Arabia specially in Insurance Field.
I appreciate to taking the time to review my below resume in shortly with some
work experiences.
Some of my work experiences from different companies are given below;

1. Tawun Al Oula Insurance Agency (Tawuniya Insurance Co).

JOB ROLE: Customer Service Supervisor


JOB ROLE: Project Team Leader for Saudi Bin laden Group


JOB ROLE: Operational Officer in the Medical Dept.

4. Amela Business & Technology Center (Private) Ltd

JOB ROLE: Office Assistant

5. Energy Development Contracting Est.

JOB ROLE: Document Controller & Assistant Site Manager

6. Euro – Tech Contracting Est.

JOB ROLE: Office Assistant

My Academic Qualification are given below;

* IFCE (Insurance Foundation Certificate Exam)
General Certificate in Insurance (English)

* BIBF (Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance)
General Certificate in Insurance (English)

* P.G.D (IT) (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology)
(Govt. College Civil Lines Multan, Pakistan)

* BBA (Hons.) (Bachelor of Business Administration)
(Institute Management of Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan)

* B.A (Bachelor of Arts)
(Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.

Awaiting for favorable response.

Thank you.


Mudassir Hussain
Mobile # 0554035423