How To Correctly Select And Distinguish The Use Of High-voltage Cable Harnesses

In the emerging technology industry, new energy products include energy storage products that are very special and have high requirements for temperature collection consistency. From a technical perspective, energy storage cycle life is required to be more than 15 years. For a 1GWh energy storage power station, the number of cells used exceeds 1.5 million. The product consistency requirements for energy storage are more than 10,000 times that of automobile power batteries. , which also means inferior products have a higher risk of catching fire. So, in order to ensure safe use, how to choose the energy storage wire harness correctly? //1

Introduction: Automobile high-voltage cables usually consist of conductive core wires, insulation layers, shielding layers and outer sheaths. Conductive core wires are generally made of copper or copper alloy materials because of their good conductivity and oxidation resistance. The insulating layer generally uses high-temperature and voltage-resistant insulating materials, such as polyester film, polyurethane film, etc., to ensure that the transmission of electrical energy is free from interference and leakage. The shielding layer generally uses conductive materials, such as aluminum foil, silver-plated copper mesh, etc., to prevent the impact of external electromagnetic interference on high-voltage electric energy. The outer sheath is generally made of wear-resistant rubber or plastic material to protect the cable from damage by the external environment and objects. //2

In fact, the core of the energy storage wire harness is to collect temperature and voltage signals. Information is provided by professional cable manufacturers. The manufacturer has rich experience in independent research and development of energy storage cables. Now it has expanded into the field of energy storage wire harnesses, integrated development, and has energy storage high-voltage wire harnesses and electric wire harnesses. The modern wire harness processing and production line for automotive high-voltage wire harnesses ensures better quality of energy storage wire harnesses. //3

The current load of an energy storage system is usually related to capacity and output power. When selecting an energy storage wire harness, you need to ensure that it can withstand the maximum current load required by the energy storage system, including factors such as wire harness power loss, resistance, and temperature rise, to ensure the reliability and safety of the wire harness. //4

The energy storage system operates for a long time and has frequent charge and discharge cycles. Therefore, the durability and fatigue resistance requirements of the energy storage harness are very strict. It is very important to ensure stable electrical connectivity even for long-term use. //5

Energy storage systems are often used in extreme temperatures, humidity or corrosive environments, so they have strict performance requirements such as high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. The use of inappropriate wire harnesses in harsh environments may cause performance degradation and affect the performance of the energy storage system. normal operation. //6

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