Best Restaurants In Amritsar - Haveli

The Haveli chain of restaurants has brought to life the vision of preserving
Punjab’s rich heritage by bestowing an unmatched experience of bygone
Punjab. Having served millions of guests over almost 2 decades, Haveli has
recently launched its outlet in the cultural & tradional hub of Punjab,
Amritsar. There couldn’t have been a more appropriate seng for Haveli -
Punjab’s truest representaon, than Amritsar.
Amritsar, the biggest tourist desnaon of Punjab, is a must-visit. It is home to
the world-famous holy shrine of Sikhs, The Golden Temple. Some of the other
popular aracons include Jallianwala Bagh & Wagha Border. Amritsar can be
conveniently reached since it hosts the largest airport in Punjab.
Haveli at Amritsar has raised the already high standards set by the previous
Haveli properes by sheer translaon of not just the founder’s passion but also
the love bestowed upon it over the years by the people of Punjab. The vastness
of the place is only matched by the intricate detailing of its décor; the
breathtaking beauty of its ambiance is only matched by the mouth-watering
deliciousness of its food.
Haveli at Amritsar has extended its menu to include the local delicacies of the
city – and the city has graciously welcomed, its next big tourist desnaon
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