Buy High-Quality Gray Tungsten Electrode (EWG) At Offer Price

Onetouchexim is our company's source if you're looking to purchase Gray Tungsten Electrode (EWG) for your business. Gray Tungsten Electrodes (EWG) are obtainable from us. It comprises hybrid mixtures of several oxides or unidentified rare earth oxide additives; nonetheless, manufacturers are required to list each ingredient and its corresponding amount on the container. The balled tip's size shouldn't be greater than 1.5 times the electrode's. With additives, the outcomes can vary: tungsten can have a stable arc in both AC and DC operations, a longer lifespan than thoriated tungsten, the capacity to utilize tungsten with a smaller diameter for the same task, a greater current for tungsten of the same size, and less tungsten spitting. At Onetouchexim, we're always here to help, day or night to serve you better.

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