Accounts & Finance Training By Professionals(Online Facility)

Accounts & Finance Training by Professionals(Online Facility)
(Online Classes - Assigned Separately for Each Students)

A unique Program by a team of professional’s struggling to educate and provide experience with technical Skills, in Accounts and Finance, to become a full flag accountant. To achieve the objective, We have sorted the information & knowledge required for a perfect practical accountant. Which improve the skills of employees working as junior levels/middle levels in Accounts & Finance.

The Unique Program formula created & developed involve a study of 25 years.The program is recommended for Junior & Middle level employees. Program formula is designed to achieve the purpose which is comprehensive and affordable for all.

Training Program consist of three stages recommended for different levels.(only one to one person)

1-Junior Level (For Beginners) USD 150 PER MONTH
2-Expert Level (For Graduate's) USD 250 PER MONTH
3-Professional Level (For Experience Persons) USD 350 PER MONTH

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