Here's a list of various guest posting sites along with brief descriptions:

Medium: A popular platform for writers of all kinds, Medium allows users to publish articles on a wide range of topics. It's known for its clean interface and engaged community.

HubPages: HubPages is a revenue-sharing platform where writers can publish articles on a variety of topics, including health, technology, finance, and more. Writers can earn money through ad revenue and affiliate links.

LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn's publishing platform, Pulse, allows users to share articles and blog posts with their professional network. It's a great place to showcase expertise and connect with other professionals in your industry.

BizSugar: BizSugar is a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs who share and discuss content related to business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Guest posting here can help you reach a targeted audience of business-minded individuals.

Social Media Today: As the name suggests, Social Media Today focuses on all things social media, including marketing tips, trends, and best practices. Guest posting here can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in the social media marketing space.

Moz: Moz is a well-respected resource for digital marketers, known for its comprehensive guides and tools. They accept guest posts on topics like SEO, content marketing, and analytics from industry experts.

Smashing Magazine: Smashing Magazine is a leading resource for web designers and developers, offering articles, tutorials, and resources on web design and development. They accept guest posts on topics like coding, UX design, and responsive design.

The Huffington Post: Now known as HuffPost, this news and opinion website covers a wide range of topics, including politics, entertainment, and lifestyle. They accept guest contributions on various subjects, but getting published here can be competitive.

Forbes: Forbes is one of the most prestigious business publications in the world. While it's difficult to become a regular contributor, they do accept guest contributions from experts in various industries.

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur is a popular online magazine for entrepreneurs and small business owners. They accept guest posts on topics like startups, leadership, productivity, and marketing.

Remember to review each site's guest posting guidelines carefully before submitting your content to ensure it aligns with their requirements and audience interests.

Here are some more examples of websites that accept guest posts:
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