Banya Na Drovah Kiev "SPA Hata

Karpatskoi Sichi St. 21, Kyiv, 03118
+380 (67) 236 2293
About us:
Welcome to SPA-HATA – Your Oasis of Health and Beauty! Discover the perfect blend of tradition and relaxation. Our wood-fired bathhouse offers refreshing treatments with fragrant brooms, scrubs, and massages. The cozy bathhouse accommodates up to 8 people, making it ideal for small gatherings. There is a waterfall bucket and a plunge pool for contrast therapy enthusiasts. In the inner courtyard, you can relax in the fresh air. There is a barbecue area with a table, benches, and a grill. It is located in the private sector of the Holosiivskyi district (Shyrma, Sovky), in a quiet spot in the center of Kyiv. Book your visit to SPA-HATA today!
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