Swimming Pool Operator Cum Technician

The Swimming Pool Operator is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the swimming pool and surrounding facilities. This includes ensuring water quality, maintaining equipment, ensuring safety regulations are followed, and providing a clean and enjoyable environment for all users.

Pool Maintenance and Operation:

Monitor and maintain water quality, including regular testing and adjusting of chemical levels to meet health and safety standards.
Operate and maintain pool filtration systems, pumps, and other related equipment.
Conduct routine inspections of the pool and surrounding areas to ensure cleanliness and safety.
Safety and Compliance:

Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding pool operation and safety.
Maintain accurate records of water testing, maintenance activities, and safety inspections.
Implement and enforce safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.
Facility Management:

Oversee the cleanliness of the pool area, including decks, changing rooms, and other facilities.
Coordinate with maintenance staff to perform necessary repairs and upkeep of the pool and equipment.
Ensure proper storage and handling of pool chemicals.
Salary -1800-2500