Easy Arabic / Qur'an Lessons With Speaking Practice

Assalamu Alaikum!

I'm a graduate from Madinah University who can teach Arabic in both Urdu and English, and can speak all three languages fluently. I have a strong knowledge of Arabic grammar as well as the Saudi dialect.

I also have a certificate in teaching Qur'an and have a good knowledge of tajweed rules.

My Qualifications:
1. Certificate of Qur'an Memorization from the Charitable Committee of the Memorization of The Holy Quran in Riyadh.
2. Certificates from two Qur'an teachers attesting that I have recited the Qur'an correctly to them.
3. High school diploma from an Arabic Islamic Studies school in Riyadh.
(المعهد العلمي في محافظة الدرعية)
4. Bachelor's degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Madinah

Advantages of studying with me:
1- Learning the correct Qur'anic pronunciation of letters and understanding the rules of tajweed.
2- Easy grasping of Arabic grammar concepts and correction of common grammar mistakes.
3- Easy grasping of the Arabic language as I can speak three languages fluently.
4- Learning Qur'anic supplications.
5- I also can provide light interpretation and translation of Qur'anic verses.

For more details and availability, please call or send a WhatsApp message to

Thank you!
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