At Sahara Edu Live Institute, we believe that a child’s skills and talents can only flourish through exposure to high-quality education. Our diverse courses, including Abacus, Phonics, Handwriting, and Language, are meticulously designed to instill creativity and foster essential skills in your child.

Abacus Classes in Dubai: Our Abacus classes in Dubai are designed to enhance your child's mental arithmetic abilities, boosting their concentration and problem-solving skills. These classes lay a strong foundation for mathematics, fostering a love for numbers and improving overall cognitive development.

Phonics Classes in Al Nahda: Our Phonics classes in Al Nahda focus on teaching children the relationship between letters and sounds. This foundational literacy skill helps young learners read fluently and spell accurately, giving them a head start in their educational journey.

Public Speaking Course for Kids in Dubai: Our public speaking course empowers children to express themselves confidently and clearly. Through engaging activities and practice, kids learn how to articulate their thoughts effectively, enhancing their communication skills and self-esteem.

Handwriting Classes for Kids in Dubai: Our handwriting classes emphasize the importance of neat and legible writing. We help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, ensuring their handwriting becomes a tool for clear communication.

At Sahara Edu Live Institute, we are committed to teaching the next generation, helping them develop original and disciplined thought processes through our comprehensive educational programs.
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