Gulf- Advance Financial Modeling -Online Training-

Gulf- Advance Financial Modeling -Online Training-

Online Classes - Assigned Separately for Each Students

Financial Modelling:

Financial modeling combines "Accounting Finance and Business Metrics" to create a forecast of a company's future results.
A toolkit teaching essential money skills for running a business. It helps students understand and plan a company's finances, predicting future outcomes based on past performance.

Financial Models Assist Management in the process of determining a company's monetary value i.e.

Cash Flow Management
Assessing Business Performance

Training Program consist of three stages recommended for different levels.(only one to one person)

1-Junior Level (For Beginners) USD 150 PER MONTH
2-Expert Level (For Graduate's) USD 250 PER MONTH
3-Professional Level (For Experience,s) USD 350 PER MONTH ...

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