Adliya contracting is currently seeking a safety officer to oversee the Tatweer related tasks and electrical division site operations.

1. Ensure the implementation of safe working techniques.
2. Uphold and enforce health and safety standards.
3. Foster a respectful and professional rapport with on-site staff.
4. Adhere to all safety regulations to ensure compliance.
5. Organize frequent meetings to exchange best practices.
6. Establish standardized health and safety protocols for consistency.
7. Identify and properly dispose of hazardous waste.
8. Encourage safety initiatives and promote their adoption.
9. Maintain accurate registers to ensure compliance.
10. Document staff details, meeting minutes, and management reports.
11. Conduct regular equipment inspections.

Safety Officer Qualifications:
1. A bachelor's degree is required.
2. Valid competency certificates are necessary.
3. Registration as a Health and Safety Officer is mandatory.
4. Excellent communication skills are essential.
5. A minimum of 3 years of experience in this role is required.
6. Proficiency in all Microsoft Applications is a must.