QW.Study Banking & Finance Subjects From MBA Pakistani Teacher BTHA LO 23/06

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MBA in Banking & Finance graduate Pakistani
lady teacher available for giving classes on Banking & Accounts related subjects located in

Hara Al Wazarat area.

Introduction Summary :
The finance and banking sector impacts every aspect of our society, from small businesses to large corporations.

Understanding the key principles of this actively evolving industry will put you in a prime position for a professional and senior finance role. This course will enable you to develop your knowledge of the challenging finance and banking landscapes

Whatsapp / Call - 056 528 7081

Following are some of the subjects covered for your interest ;

1. Accounts
2. Economics
3. Business Studies
4. Risk Managemnent
5. Project Management

More related topics ;

1. Application & Compliance with VAT & ZAKAT.
2. Costing / Budgeting
3. AR/AP & Revenue management & Analysis.
4. Account payable & Analysis.
5. Preparing Daily & Monthly Reconciliation with Banks.
6. Preparing daily consolidated deposits of Cash.
7. Preparing & Reviewing Financial statements on Monthly & Yearly basis.
8. Review bank reconciliation.
9. Monitor & Record Financial transaction.
10. Calculation of VAT payables & with holding TAX & submitting returns.

And much more as per your required information all related with Accounts , Banking & Finance.

Whatsapp / Call - 056 528 7081
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