Sunday, September 25, 2022
  1. SAR 2200/month, 2 BR, 2,200SR Family Flat Apartment: 2 BR/ Wifi+Electricity+Water Furnished
    Jubail: Opposite side of Saudi Fransi Bank (lulu h
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  2. Studio, 1 BHK Furnished Flat
    Al jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  3. Studio, 1 BHK And 2 BHK Furnished Flat New Building 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
    Al jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  1. Studio, 2 BHK And 3 BHK Brand New Villa Open🌹🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀 - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  2. 2 BHK And 3 BHK Luxury Villa 🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🥀🌹🏩🌹🏩🌹🌹🏩🌹 - (Al jubail) - villas
  3. SAR 1000/month, 2 BR, Rooms For Rent Near Naseem Camp Close To Jubail Medical Complex - (Near Hardees Jubail City) - sublets
  4. SAR 16000/month, 3 BR, 3BHK Flat For Rent Along Brand NEW Items
    Jubail City Center
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  5. SAR 10000/year, 1 BR, Apartments For Rent In Jubail - (Apartment for rent - Jubail, Al Balad, Al Dana Dis) - housing exchanges
  6. Furnished, The Newly Furnished Apartment Available On Short & Long Term Basis
  7. Studio, ????????????❤❤❤1 BHK FULLY FURNISHED FAMILY FLAT FOR RENT❤❤❤???????????? - (NEAR SHOLA PETROL PUMP) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  8. Bed Space # / / Months # Electricity Sharing..
    bedspace available
  9. SAR 900/month, Furnished, 16 Sq. Meter, Semi Furnished Room Available In A Family Flat SAR 900/Month For Single Bachelor - (near Old panda and kims hospital) - rooms avail.
  1. SAR 12, Labour And Staff Accommodation In Camp Jubail -2 - (jubail City) - staff accomodation
  2. SAR 6003/month, 1 BR, Bed Space Available - (Jubail center near To Sony Maszid (MOWGIF PARKING) - housing exchanges
  3. SAR 3600, Furnished, Bed Space Available One Month SR 200 ( Should Be Pay Three Month Sr 600) - (Jubail center) - villas
  4. SAR 1800/month, 2 BR, Fully Furnished Family Flat For Rent * @ **monthly 1800 *Sr*, Mob: 0532520773
    Ladies market
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  5. SAR 23000/year, 3 BR, Family Flat Ground Floor (Two Separate Entrance) - (Dhakal Mahdood) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  6. SAR 1250/month, Studio, 2BKH With 2 Washrooms
    Near Dina hospital
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  1. Studio, SAR 5000 -Furnished Studio Flat Family Apart Available For 4months On Rent. - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  2. SAR 1400/month, Furnished, Studio, One Single Room With Attached Dining And Kitchen By 1400sr Free Wifi, Water, Elect
    Near Toyota showroom and Back side of the khanaini
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  3. SAR 1600/month, Furnished, Studio, Fully Furnished 1BHK Family Flat With Hall Monthly 1,700sr Free Electricity And Wif
    Back Side of the Jubail Khonaini Hospital and near
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  4. SAR 900/month, Furnished, Studio, Fully Furnished Single Bechelor Room 900sr Monthly Free Electricity, Water And Wifi
    Al Jubail Down Town near jubail center and sony mo
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
Saturday, September 24, 2022
  1. SAR 450/month, 2 BR, 169 Sq. Feet, SAR 450/Month Single Bachelor Room For Rent With Kitchen & Attached Bathroom
    Al-Dakhil Al-Mahdood, Al Jubail
  2. SAR 450/month, 169 Sq. Feet, SAR 450/Month Single Bachelor Room For Rent With Kitchen & Attached Bathroom
    Al-Dakhil Al-Mahdood, Al Jubail
    bedspace available
  3. SAR 450/month, 169 Sq. Feet, Single Bachelor Room For Rent With Kitchen & Attached Bathroom Near 101 Business Tower
    Al-Dakhil Al-Mahdood, Al Jubail
    rooms avail.
  4. SAR 1800/month, 2 BR, 1800 Per Month Full Furnished Flat Available In Second Floor 3 Month Payment
    Shara mashoor Near sleep high
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  5. SAR 15000/year, Studio, 3bhk Flat For Rent - (Al jubail) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  6. Need Family Plat - rooms avail.
  7. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Room Available - rooms avail.
  8. 2 BR, 10 Flats Available In Discount Prices For Family, Executive Bachelors With Discount Price - (Saudi post building, opposite centerpoint, makkah ) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  9. 2 BR, 2BHK FLATS FOR FAMILY AND EXECUTIVE BACHELOR - (Saudi post building, opposite centerpoint, makkah ) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  10. SAR 24000/year, 3 BR, 3bhk Flats For Family - (Opposite saudi electricity co.Madeena street,jabal) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  11. 3 BR, 3 BEDROOM Family Flats - (Opposite saudi electricity company,Madeena street,) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  12. SAR 22000/year, 3 BR, 3bhk Flats For Family - (opposite saudi electricity,Madeena street,jabal st) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  13. SAR 22000/year, 3 BR, 3 Bhk Flats For Family - (opposite saudi electricity,Madeena street,jabal st) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  14. SAR 22000/year, 3 BR, 3 Bhk Flats For Family - (opposite saudi electricity,Madeena street,jabal st) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  15. SAR 230/month, Beautifull Location Market Area Jubail Center - (Jubail center heart of the city) - bedspace available
  16. SAR 18000/month, 3 BR, 1800 Sq. Feet, 3BHK - Family Flat 2 Separate Ent. Fully Furnished
    Nearby Khonani Medical Complex, PRO Compound or AL
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  17. SAR 450/month, Bedspace For Executive Bachelors - (Dakhal makdood) - bedspace available
  18. SR 1700/month, 1 BR, Furnitured Family Flat  For Rent
    King abdullaziz road Infront of navel base
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  19. 3 BR, 3 Bedroom Flat On Ground Floor
    Near Kims Hospital
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  20. SAR 930/month, 1 BR, Family Room Available 1BHK For 15-OCT-2022 - (saudi air line to next signal labor signal jubail) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  21. SAR 400/month, 12 Sq. Meter, Room Available 400 SR Near ATM ANB Bloch Restaurant Road
    Near Bloch restaurant ANB ATM
    rooms avail.
  22. SAR 1100/month, Studio, One Furnished Bedroom With Separate Entrance
    Behind center point
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  23. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 1 Sq. Meter, Executive Bachlers Room With Attached Toilet For Rent, Most Prefer Only Indian , Kerala
    Near to Indian Passport Office (opposite to Jubail
    rooms avail.
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  25. 3 BR, Brand New LUXURY VILLA BEHIND Lulu ( 2bhk & 3BHK)
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  27. SAR 616/month, Studio, 1 Bd Attached,bathroom,kitchen Space
    Near Jubail Dawa centre
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  28. SAR 650/month, I’am Offering Room In Two Room Flat Common Bathroom, Hall And Kitchen 650/Month
    AlJubail Albalad
    rooms avail.
  29. SAR 20000/year, 3 BR, Family Flat (Ground Floor) - (Dhakal Mahdood , Abu Backer Al Seddique Street) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  30. SAR 26000/year, 4 BR, Neat & Tidy Family Flat ( 4 BHK) SAR 26,000
    Dhakal Mahdood , Al Jubail , K.S.A
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  31. SAR 20000/year, 4 BR, 2 Family Flats Available @ First Floor @ SAR 20,000 - (Dhakal Mahdood (Near Nahdi Pharmacy )) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  32. SAR 17000/year, 3 BR, 3BHK Flat With Household Items With Separate Entrance Portion Already On Rent
    Back side of Qila of rice area
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  33. SAR 700/month, Studio, Room Available @ 700 Only(Kerala Only)
    Al Jubail
    housing exchanges
  34. Studio, 2 BHK Furnished Or Unfurnished
    Al jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  35. Studio, 2 BHK Unfurnished Room
    Al jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  36. Studio, 2 BHK Luxurious Villaaa
    Al jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  37. Studio, 2 BHK Villa And Party Hall For Rent 🌹🏩🌹🏩 - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  38. Studio, 2 BHK And 3 BHK Brand New Villa 🌹🌹🌹🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩 - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  39. Studio, 2 BHK Unfurnushed Flat..DAWA CENTER
    Al jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  40. Studio, 1 BHK Furnished Flat Back Side Of Lulu - (Al jubail) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  41. Studio, 2 BHK And 3 BHK Luxurious Villa 🌹🌹🏩🏩🏩🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀 - (Al jubail) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  42. SAR 1400/month, Furnished, SAR 1400/month, 2 BHK, Flat For Rent For 6 Months From - (Near KFC-Hardees) - rooms avail.
  43. SAR 750/month, 1 BR, Room For Rent For Executive Bechelors - (Dakhal Mehdood) - sublets
  44. Studio, Bachelors Flat 2BHK+ 1BHK With Attached Toilets " ARRAZI Medical Center & Near Lulu Hype - (ladies Market) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  45. Undefined 17000/year, 3 BR, 3 BHK + Hall + 2 Bathroom + 1 Kitchen
    Jubail Al balad
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  46. 2 BR, Family Flat For Rent 1 BHK & 2 BHK & 3 BHK - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  47. SAR 14000/year, 1 BR, 85 Sq. Meter, An Excellent 1BHK Ground Floor In Front Of Landscaping Area 2 Minutes Walk To Panda.G 1/2
    An Excellent 1BHK Ground Floor In Front Of Landsca
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  48. SAR 1250/month, Furnished, 1 BR, Furnished Two Rooms Portion - Separate Entrance
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
Friday, September 23, 2022
  1. SAR 1550/month, Furnished, 1 BR, Furnished Family Room For Rent
    Opposite to shifa hospital
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  2. SAR 15000/year, Furnished, 2 BR, An Excellent Location Is Very Close To Kim's Hospital - (Flat Behind Kims Hospital With All Household Items) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  3. SAR 325/month, Bed Space - bedspace available
  4. SAR 750/null, Room Available For Single Bachelor - (Near Old kudu-zmart shopping center) - rooms avail.
  5. SAR 500/month, 1 Bachelor Room Available For Rent
    Hayul johra near Pakistani embassy school near Nab
    rooms avail.
  6. SAR 500/month, 1 Bachelor Room Available For Rent For Single Person
    area Hayul johra back side of Pakistani embassy s
    rooms avail.
  7. SAR 1000/month, Studio, Studio Bachelor Flat Big Size With Electricity / Maintenance Free
    Near jubail centre signal
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  8. SAR 315/month, Urgent Needs Muslim Room Partner - (Near Panjabi Dhaba & A2Z Shopping Centre) - bedspace available
  9. SAR 18000/year, 3 BR, 3BHK Family Flat 2 Separate Ent. Fully Furnished - (Nearby Khonani Medical Complex, PRO Compound or AL) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  10. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Studio, 1 X Big Room + 1 Bath +Kitchen Space, Suitable For Family Or Executive Bachelor - (Jubail - Near Toyota Showroom close to Masjid and ) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  11. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Studio, One Furnish Bedroom With Attech Bath
    Jubail near Dina hospital
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  12. Studio, 2 BHK And 3 BHK Villa Available ⛽🥀🥀🥀🌷🌷🌷 - (Al jubail) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  13. Studio, 2 BHK Furnished Flat In Dawa Center - (Al jubail) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  14. Studio, 1 Bhk And 2 BHK Furnished Flat Jubail Center 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  15. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, One Bedroom With Attech Bath Room Sapret Entarence
    Al jubail near Dina hospital near masjjad jamia Ja
    rooms avail.
  16. SAR 650/month, One Large Bedroom With Attached Washroom
    King Abdullah Road Near Tybah Park
    rooms avail.
  17. SAR 350/month, Bed Space Are Available In 350 Sar Including Rent & Water Charges.
    city flower jubail
    bedspace available
  18. SAR 350/month, Bedspace Available
    City falwer jubail city
    rooms avail.
  19. SAR 1400/month, 2 BR, 2Washroom - Bachelor Apartment - 24 Hours CCTV Camera- Thamimi - Jubail
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  20. SR 1000/month, Furnished  Room Is Available  For (Muslim) Bachelor. 
    Mashhoor street near old panda
    rooms avail.
  21. SAR 2500/month, Furnished, 2 BR, 2BHK FULLY FURNISHED FAMILY NEW FLAT & FOR RENT
    apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  22. SAR 1000/month, Studio, Fully Furnished Family Room - (Dakhalmahdood masjid bin baaz) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  23. SAR 15000/year, 2 BR, 2BHK.. 1Toilet.. (Family) - (Near Tayba Park) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  24. SAR 14000/year, 2 BR, Family.. 3BHK+1Toilet - (Behind KIMS clinics) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  25. SAR 15000/year, 2 BR, 2BHK.. 2Toilet ((Family)) - (Near dina disponsary) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
Thursday, September 22, 2022
  1. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Bachelor Room Available . - (Near City Max Jubail) - rooms avail.
  2. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, 1 BR, Fully Furnished 1 BHK Family Flat With All House Items - (Near General hospital, Jubail Stadium, Prince naif) - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  3. SAR 550/month, Single Room Available For Rent - (Jubail city near jubail Centre) - rooms avail.
  4. SAR 900000/year, Studio, An Integrated Camp For Rent In Jubail, With A Capacity Of 1000 Workers - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.
  5. SAR 150000/year, 4 BR, Commercial Building For Rent For Companies Only - apts/flats/houses/villas avail.

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