Rooms for Rent Jubail

  1. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, One Single Furnished Room For Rent
  2. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Independent Room Available For One (1) Executive Bachelor Only (No Cooking)
    Beside Khonaini Dispensary, Near Toyota Showroom,
  3. SAR 1100/month, Furnished, Would Like To Rent Single Room Full Furnished For Executive Bach
    khalidiya jubail
  4. SAR 650/month, Executive Bachelor Room Available - (Jubail city)
  5. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Executive Bachelor Room
    Al Jawhara
  1. SAR 850/month, 1 Room Is Available With Attached Bath (Separate Entrance) For Executive Person.
    1-Very good location near Mosque within 2 mints wa
  3. SAR 1100/month, I Would Like To Rent Single Room Full Furnished For Executive Bachelor
    Khalidiya jubail
  4. SAR 800/month, SAR 800/month, Room Available For Executive/Single Bachelor ONLY - (Taebah Park)
  5. SAR 1000/month, Big Room With Seprate Bathroom - (behind garden mosque , near to piano mall)
  1. SAR 750/month, Single Room With Attached Bathroom For Rent. - ((KIMS Hospital /Rahmaniya Hotel))
  2. SAR 400/month, Looking For Roommate
  1. SAR 700/month, Unfurnished Room In Family Flat
  2. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 1 Room On Rent Only For Muslim Executive Bachelor
  3. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, A Single Bedroom, Fully Furnished For Single Person
  4. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, Furnished 2 Bed Room Flat Available For Family
  5. SAR 800/month, ROOM AVAILABLE - (JUBAIL)
  6. SAR 600/month, Furnished, 700 Sq. Feet, Fully Furnished Big Bed Room Available For SHARING By An Indian
    City Centre Near Malabar God
  7. SAR 900/month, Furnished, I Am Offering A Single Furnished Bedroom For Rent In Family Apartment,
    Location of the flat is behind Jubail mall
  8. SAR 800/month, Furnished, 800/month For Executive Bachelor
  9. 1712 Sq. Meter, 1 Big Room With Attach Washroom
    Shahrah Mashoor Near Albuanin petrol pump and park
  10. Big Room With Small Kitchen And Washroom - (Sharah Mashoor near tayba park Al jubail)
  11. Furnished, 2BHK Flat For Executive Bachelors - (Sharah Mashoor near tayba park Al jubail)
  12. SAR 800/month, Single Room Available For Bachelor
    Near Alamazone Shop
  13. Room For Rent -Jubail
  1. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 1 Sq. Meter, Bachelor One Room For Rent
    Jubail center ladies market
  2. SAR 900/month, Executive Bachelor Room For Rent - (Near Jubail mall (Madinah Road))
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Furnished Room For Rent (long Term)
    Near mena hotel
  2. SAR 1750/month, Furnished, 3 Sq. Meter, SAR 1750/Month, 1BHK 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen - Family Flat – FULLY FURNISHED
    Opposite Jubail mall Al dawa pharmacy near to prim
  3. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, 1Bed Room Flat With Separate Entrance
    Dakhal Mahdood
  4. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 2 Sq. Feet, One Room One Hall Combine Kitchen And One Bathroom Without Electricity
    Jubail center ladies market
  5. SAR 700600/month, SAR 700/600month, Room Available For Executive Single/ Sharing Bachelor ONLY - (JUBAIL)
  6. SAR 1000/month, Single Room With Attached Bathroom
    Near Taybah Park, Jaffar Tayyar Masjid
  7. SAR 1000/month, Spacious Bachelor Room Available For Rent
    Al Jabal Street, Opposite saadeddin bakery.
  9. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Executive Bachelor Room - (Al Jawhara)
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Apartment Available For Sharing
  2. SAR 950/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Very Big Single Room Available For Executive Bachelor - (Near Jubail Medical center)
  3. SAR 1000/month, Furnished Large Room For A Small Family Or An Executive Bachelor
  4. SAR 500/month, Room For Rent For Filipino Only - (Room for rent in jubail)
  1. SAR 950/month, Furnished, 20 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent 1 Single Room With Attached Bathroom (Preferred For Filipino Only)) - (Al-Safah District, Street 2B, 4586, 8710, 35514 Ju)
  2. SAR 750/month, SAR 750/month, Offering Single Room For Executive Bachelor With Separate Entrance.
    Dawah Center Masjid, Jubail Central, Jubail.
  3. SAR 500/month, Available Now,One Room One Person Only,Un Furnish Without Electricities
  4. SAR 2083/month, Unfurnished Family Flat Is Available In 2083SAR From 01/08/2024
  1. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Executive Bachelor Room ,spacious Single Room With Bathroom Furnished , For Indian Only - (Back side of Dawah center , jubail city)
  2. SAR 1600/month, Furnished, 30 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished 2BHK Bachelor/family Flat Very Near To LULU.
    jubail near LuLU
  3. SAR 850/month, Room For Executive Bachelor - (Jubail - near old panda)
  4. SAR 850/month, Two Small Room - (Behind Manglore Resturant ( Near Bunain Petrol sta)
  5. SAR 800/month, 1 Room Unfurnish With Attached Bath Only For Executive Bachelor - (Near LuLu opposite Eram Camp)
  6. Furniture Items
    Near Khonaini Hospital Jubail
  1. SAR 750/month, Single Room - (Jubail mall opposite)
  2. SAR 600/month, Bachelor Room Near Gulf Asia, Royal Malabar,City Flower
  3. SAR 750/month, A Big Room For Executive Bachelor For Near Shifa Medical Center - (Near Shifa Medical Center, Jubail)
  4. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Rooms Available For Bachlers From Kerala
    Near Shifa Jubail Medical Center
  5. SAR 15/month, Furnished Family 1BHK Room Available - (nr mashoor st)
  6. SAR 550/month, Pure Vegetarian Indian Executive Bachelor, 1BHK Sharing Flat
    Jubail, Opposite to Jubail Mall, Near VFS center
  1. SAR 950/month, Furnished Very Big Single Room Available For Executive Bachelor - (Back side of Jubail Medical Center)
  1. SAR 800, Independent Room Available For Executive/Single Bachelor - (Al Jubail)
  2. SAR 750/month, Furnished, . Sq. Meter, Single Bachelor Furnished Room Available For Rent - (near Jubail port coral hotel Indian school)
  3. SAR 600/month, Single Big Room - (Jubail Dana street near al naimi safety shop, shar)
  4. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Bachelor Executive Room Furnished
    Dakhil mahdood Jubail
  5. SAR 950/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Very Big Single Room Available - (Near jubail medical center)
  6. SAR 700/month, 1 Room For Rent For A Bachelor
    Dakhal mahdood, Tebah
  7. SAR 1000/null, Independent Room Available For Executive/Single Bachelor
  1. Single Room With Attach Bath Room Semi Furnished For Rent - (Dakel Mahdood)
  2. SAR 1500/month, Furnished, 30 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished 2BHK Bachelor/family Flat Very Near To LULU.. - (jubail near LuLU)
  3. Furnished, 30 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished 2BHK Bachelor / Family Very Near To Jubail LULU - (jubail near LuLU)
  4. SAR 17000/year, 3 Bhk Bachelor Flat Available - (Near Sara mashoor jubail)
  5. SAR 1000/month, Executive Batchelor Room Available In Jubail With Separate Entrance - (Jabal Street _ Just Opposite To SCECO Office)
  1. SAR 1800/month, Furnished, Executive Bacheolar Furnished Single Room
    Fanateer Beach, Royal Commission
  2. SAR 200/month, Furnished, Bed Space Available - (Jubail city sharah mashoor)
  3. Room For Rent - (Dakhel Mahdod)
  1. SAR 950/month, Single Room For Rent 2 Months - (Jubail center)
  1. SAR 850/month, New Rooms For Rent - (Jubail city Room)
  2. SAR 700/month, Only One Person Allowed Semi Furnish Single Room Available Without Electricities.
  3. SAR 1000/month, Single Big Room For Executive Bechular
    Near to Meezban bakery Jubail
  1. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, 30 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished 2BHK Family/Bachelor Flat. - (jubail near LuLU)
  2. SAR 700/month, 2 Rooms Unfurnished Available In A Family Building For A Single/Executive Bachelor - (Jubail Ty'bah park al Mirqab area near old Maria s)
  1. SAR 1750/month, 2 Sq. Meter, 2 Bedroom Hall Kitchen - Family Flat – FULLY FURNISHED
    Opposite Toyota Showroom, Near Khonaini Hospital)
  2. SAR 1300/month, My Room Want Give Rent
  1. SAR 800/month, Near By Othaim Market
    near by othaim market
  1. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Furnished Single Room For Executive Bachelor - (Gold Coast Restaurant Building, King Abdul Aziz Ro)
  2. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, 30 Sq. Meter, 2 BHK Family / Bachelor
    jubail near LuLU
  3. SAR 1000/month, Bachelor Room For Rent
    Mashoor street
  4. SAR 800/month, Room, Available For Bachelor - (near by othaim market)
  5. SAR 800/month, Room Rent
  6. SAR 950/month, 1 Room For Small Family & Bachelor - (MOBILY MARKET)
  1. SAR 700/month, Furnished, I Have 2 Room. I Want To Share One Room For Single Person
    Jubail city front Indian school and near KFC
  1. SAR 850/month, Furnished, Room Available For Executive Bachelor - (Near Jubail Center, STC Tower)
  2. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, SAR 1000/month, Furnished, 1 BR, Furnished, Executive Bachelor Room Available
    Al-Hamra District, Near Danube Super Market
  3. SAR 600/month, One Room Available With Sharing Bathroom And Kitchen Not Included . Indian Only - (shift hospital near Bajaa shop jubail)
  1. SAR 1300/month, Full Furnished Executive Bachelor Room - (royal commission fanatheer)
  2. SAR 900/month, Fully Furnished Single Room Bachelor - (Dakhalmahdood near masjid bin baaz)
  3. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, Furnished Room For Single Bachelor
    Near to Meezban bakers
  4. SAR 600/month, Spacious Room With Separate Entrance
    Behind Jubail National Dispensary
  1. SAR 750/month, One Executive Bachelor Singel Room Available For Rent - (jubail)
  1. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, Furnished Bed Room For An Executive Bachelor In A Ground Floor Flat - (Near Dakal Mahdood Panda)
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished Room For Rent (for 1Kerala Muslim Person)
    Al Jabal street, near oscar paints

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