Rooms for Rent Riyadh Province

Thursday, June 30, 2022
    Opposite of Faisaliyah Tiwer back of AlSalman Opti
  2. SAR 750/month, 16 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent In Family Flat To Bachelor Male. - Sulai
  3. Furnished, Single Furnished Spacious Room Available - Hara (Riyadh hara)
  1. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Furnished Room Available - Riyadh (Khobar al shumaliya Street 11)
  2. SAR 1750/month, Furnished, 35 Sq. Meter, One Fully Furnished Room For Rent.exit 10
    Opp. Dr. Mohammed Al-Fagih Hospital
  3. SAR 500/month, 1 Room Available On 1s Week Of July For Filipino Couple Or Bachelor. - Riyadh (Al Nassariyah near Farm Superstore)
  4. Room For Rent Exclusive For Filipino Only
    Al Malaz
    Farazdaq Street near kuwaiti circle Sitteen Malaz
  5. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Spacious Room - Hara (Hara Near T-Shoes)
  6. SAR 900/month, Furnished, 1 Bedrrom Fully Furnished - Hara
  7. SAR 800/month, Furnished, 1 Sq. Meter, Furnished Room Available SAR 800 Monthly Contact Only Whatsapp - Riyadh (Qurtuba)
  1. SAR 650/month, Furnished, Furnished, Executive Single Bachelor Furnished Room Available - Hara (Al - Wazarat)
  2. SAR 3750/year, Executive Bachelor Room
    Al Iskan
    Al iskan kharj road
  3. SAR 600/month, 20 Sq. Meter, Room Available In A Family Flat For Flilpino Bachelor - Al Sulaymaniyyah (Sulaimaniyah Near Peak Filipino Restaurant)
  4. SAR 600/month, SAR 600 / Month - Single Room Available For A SINGLE PERSON Only - Hara (Opp. Tawa Super market, before Deccan sweets - HAR)
  5. SAR 500/month, 20 Sq. Meter, Room Available For Rent
    Al Batha
    Shara Rail
  6. SAR 450/month, Furnished, Room For Rent 450/ Separate Entrance With Separate Washroom/ Furnished
    34F3+45Q، المجد
  1. SAR 3000/year, I'm Offering 2 Rooms Semi-furnished For Bachelors, In Rowdah-Riyadh - Riyadh (Opposite Indian International School, Hassan Bin A)
  2. SAR 3000/month, Bachelor Room Bedspace Available (2000/ 6 Months) - Hara (Hai Al Wazarath)
  3. SAR 416/month, Sharing Room In Family Flat 2 Room Flat - Hara (Riyadh Hara Near Al Ameen Bakhala)
  4. SAR 1100/month, Furnished, One Room Available For Rent In Two Rooms Bachelor Flat - Riyadh (Exit 8)
  5. SAR 850/month, Furnished, A Neat And Clean Room Available - Riyadh (Hi Al Malak Abdul Aziz behind Wooden Bakery)
  6. SAR 450/month, Room Available For Pakistani Executive - Riyadh (Dar Al Baidah (Azziza))
  7. SAR 700/month, Furnished, 1513 Sq. Meter, Executive Single Bachelor Furnished Room Available In Family Flat Ground Floor Back Side
    Hay Al Wazarat (HARA)
  8. SAR 585/month, Furnished, 2 Sq. Meter, Offering Furnished Room In 3 Rooms Flat - Riyadh (Aramco Signal opposite Factory Poly Clinic)
  9. SAR 500/month, Avilable Single Room (only For South Indians) - Al Malaz (Near Riyadh Zoo)
  10. SAR 527/month, Furnished, Room Available On August 1,2022 Filipino Bachelor Near Mobily HQ In Sulaimaniyah - Riyadh (RIYADH)
  11. SAR 450/month, Female Room Partner Required Preferably (Asia) Not Africa
  12. SAR 550/month, റൂം വാടകക്ക് - Riyadh
Wednesday, June 29, 2022
  1. SAR 583/month, 65 Sq. Meter, 1BR Para Sa Filipino Family Only - Available On 31July2022
    Al Sulaymaniyyah
    Sulimania near PAL,AlSadhan hypermarket & AlJazeer
  2. Room For Rent In Hara - Hara (Hara-Deccan Sweets)
  3. SAR 3000/month, Furnished, A Furnished Room Available For Rent - Al Malaz (Dabbat Street Malaz, Near Salah Ud Din Ayyubi Stre)
  4. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Executive Single Bachelor Furnished Room Available In Family Flat (First Floor)
  5. SAR 500/month, A Furnished Room For Single Executive Bachelor Is Available - Rent On Monthly Basis!!!
    Al Futah
  6. SAR 2500/month, One Room In 3 Bedroom Flat - Hara (Opposite to Lahori Khabey)
  7. SAR 650/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Flat Available Separate Room And Washroom - Al Kharj (Al-Kuzhama, Al- Aziziya)
  8. SAR 700/month, Vast Independent Room Available For Rent - Riyadh (Al Fakhriyah)
  9. Bakanteng Room Po Para Sa Pinoy Couple Only - Al Batha (Shara rail street near al batha)
  10. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Room Available For Executive Bachelor In Family Apartment - Riyadh (near footha garden, Khazan street, Riyadh)
  11. SAR 700/month, Single Room With Saparate Bathroom - Riyadh (Malaz- Riyadh)
  12. SAR 1/month, Furnished, Offering Room With Separate Washroom - Riyadh (Malaz)
  13. SAR 7000/month, ( For 6 Months 5250SAR,,, Family Room  )2 Rooms With Good Condition Available Along With Kitchen And Washroom With Furniture Available.
    Al sheemaysi
  14. SAR 600/month, One Room For One Executive Bachelor - Riyadh (Al Wisham)
  15. SAR 800/month, 3 Sq. Meter, Offering One Room 3 Rooms Family Apartment - Riyadh (Exit 8 Near Dammam Road Ghirnatah)
  16. SAR 400/month, Flat For Rent Family Or Batchelor - Al Majmaah (AL Majma'ah)
  17. SAR 550/month, Room Available For Single Bachelor
  18. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Furnished Executive Bachelor Room
    Hay Al Wazarat (Behind Telemoney)
  19. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Executive Single Bachelor Furnished Room Available In Family Flat (Ground Floor),
    Hay Al Wazarat (Behind Telemoney)
  20. SAR 1125/month, A Villa Room For Sharing - Riyadh (MALAZ)
  21. SAR 1/year, Rooms For Rent At Naseem Al Sharqi Near KAMC.
    Naseem East, Al Sharqi, near King Abdullah Medical
  22. SAR 7000/year, 250 Sq. Feet, Room With Attached Washroom For Rent ( Only Tamil / Kerela Person) - Hara (Hara- Old T-Shoe Signal)
  23. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, I Would Like To Share A Room In A 3 Bedroom Flat With 2bathrooms And 1kitchen - Riyadh (Shumaicy)
  24. SAR 800/month, 120 Sq. Meter, One Room In Good Area - Al Rabwah (Near Nahada Park)
  25. SAR 7000/year, 45 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent With Own Bathroom For Filipino Bachelor Or Couple - Al Sulaymaniyyah (Al Suleymanya near Peking Restaurant at the back o)
  26. SAR 14000/year, Big Room For Rent (size 10x9sqm) With Attached Bathroom. For Filipino Family Only. - Al Sulaymaniyyah (Al Suleymanya near Peking Restaurant at the back o)
  27. SAR 550/month, Rent Big Room For Filipino Batchelor/ Couple (room Available 1st Week Of August) - Riyadh (Near old airport/ Wooden Bakery/ Budjet rent car)
  28. SAR 550/month, റൂം വാടകക്ക് - Riyadh
  29. SAR 500/month, Furnished, I Am Offering A Single Room With Separate Toilet With Kitchen Facilities - Riyadh (Al wazarat,)
  30. SAR 40006/month, I Have Big Room For Rent Near 7 Care Hospital - Riyadh (Rwabi Near Riyadh Care Hospital)
  31. SAR 8500/year, Furnished, 8500/Year Semi Furnished Room
    Sulay St Istanbul Kaku Billa Exit 18
  32. SAR 700/month, 40 Sq. Meter, A Single Room Located In Near Chamber Of Commerce - Riyadh (Near old chamber of commerce)
  33. SAR 8000/year, Single Room In Family Flat - Hara (Wazarat hara)
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  1. SAR 1400/month, Private Room In Olaya St. - Olaya (Olaya st.)
  2. SAR 950/month, Furnished, SAR 950/ Month - Separate Bed Room Wash Room With Sharing Hall Kitchen In 2nd Floor
    Al Malaz
    Al Farazdaq Road, Al Malaz
  3. SAR 500/month, 14 Sq. Meter, Sr3000 /6months At AlMatheer District Near King Faisal Specialist Hospital
    Sr3000 /6months at AlMatheer near King Faisal Spec
  4. Furnished, 815- Per Month Single Room Available For Rent (Indians Only) - Al Malaz (Near King Abdul Aziz University Hospital (KAUH))
  5. SAR 700/month, 700/ Month Big Room Available For Rent (Rowda King Faisal DT, )
    King Faisal DT, Rowda
  6. SAR 700/month, 25 Sq. Yard, 700/Month Room Available For Rent Near Ex10
    Rowda h Ex10
  7. SAR 1/month, 60 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent Executive Bachelor - Al Malaz (National Hospital Malaz)
  8. SAR 850/month, Single Room With Electricity And Internet - Riyadh (Rughamah)
  9. SAR 500/month, Furnished, . Sq. Meter, Spacious Room - Hara (Hara Near T-Shoes)
  10. SAR 10000/year, Furnished, 55 Sq. Meter, Housing Rentals
    Al Malaz
    Al malaz near king Abdul Aziz university hospital
  11. SAR 450/month, Furnished, Room Available For Three Months - Riyadh (Riyadh azizya)
  12. SAR 650/month, 1 Room Available In Hara-Al Wazarat,
    al-Wazarat(HARA), Riyadh
  13. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Offering For Separate Room With Sharing Hall,kitchen & Separate Washroom. - Riyadh
  14. SAR 5000/year, Room Available - Al Batha (Ghurabhi street - Batha)
  15. SAR 1500/month, Furnished, Independent Furnished Room For Working Executives Single - Short Term / Long Term
    Sulemania /Wurud Dist, Vicinity of Kingdom Tower
  16. SAR 4499/null, Looking For A Roommate! (Ready To Occupy Complete Room ) - Riyadh (Al Falah riyadh)
  18. SAR 9000/year, Furnished, 106 Sq. Meter, One Room Available With Furnished. - Riyadh (Thaksuzy Near KFSH and King Fahad Hospital.)
  19. 00 Sq. Meter, Separate Room - Riyadh (Al Rakah)
  20. SAR 500/month, A Semi Furnished Single Room Is Available - Al-Izdihar (Tabook Road Near Imam Saud Road, Opp. Alforsan Int)
  21. SAR 375/month, Furnished, Room Available At Furnished Apartment Sharing - Riyadh (Riyadh , Gubairah)
  22. SAR 550/month, One Big Room Rent For Filipino Batchelor/ Couple - Riyadh (Near old airport/ wooden bakery/ budjet rent car)
    Hara near discount center/ Malaz Restaurant/ prefe
  24. SAR 550/month, റൂം വാടകക്ക് - Riyadh
  25. SAR 1300/month, Furnished, One Furnished Room For Rent, Al Malaz Riyadh
    Al Malaz
    near King Abdul Aziz University hospital
Monday, June 27, 2022
  1. SAR 3500/month, Furnished, 45 Sq. Meter, For Non-smoking Filipino Bachelor - Al Malaz (jarir street, al malaz)
  2. SAR 4000/year, 3 Single Room Available, Part Of Villa - Al Naseem (Behind Naseem police station)
  3. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 30 Sq. Meter, Furnished Room - Ground Floor - Near Alfa Hotel HARA
    Hara - Near Alfa Hotel
  4. SAR 750/month, Single Bachelor Room Available - Hara (HARA (t-shoes behind Saudi investment bank))
  5. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Room Available For Executive Bachelor (Indian Or Pakistani) - Riyadh (Telemoney signal, Othman Bin Hakeem street near ga)
  6. SAR 500/month, 30 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent For Filipino Couple Or Bachelor
  7. Room For Rent In Hara Behind The Madras Café - Hara (Hara - Behind the Madras Café)
  8. SAR 750/month, 28 Sq. Meter, Furnished Big Room (7x4 Mtr) In Sharing Ground Floor Flat
    Al Rawdhah
    Exit 30, Khurais road, back of bakheet, Volvo, saw
  9. SAR 750/month, Furnished, 28 Sq. Meter, Furnished Big Room (7x4 Mtr) In Sharing Ground Floor Flat
    Exit 30, Khurais road, back of bakheet, Volvo, saw
  10. SAR 4800/month, Furnished, Room In Furnished Flat Only For Ladies - Al Malaz
  11. SAR 800/month, A Big Room Available In A 3 BHK Flat - Riyadh (Exit 8-9 Ghirnata Jafar Mansour Road near to Welco)
  12. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Semi Furnished 1 Bedroom Available - Riyadh (Beside Naif Arab University, Haii Al Nadwa, Riyadh)

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