1. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Looking For Single Room - Jeddah
  2. SAR 350400/month, I Need A Single Room At Dammam, Seiko, Adamma Preferable - Dammam
  1. SAR 800/month, Furnished, I Want Single Room With Attach Bathroom For 2 Person - Hara
  2. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Looking For A Decent Separate Room Or A Bedspace In Furnished Flat - Hara (Looking For A Decent Separate Room Or A Bedspace I)
  3. SAR 500/month, I Am Looking For Room Or Bedspace (Sharing) Semi Furnished - Sulai (Hara, malaz, wizarat, sulaimaniyah, Zahra, dhubbat)
  1. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Need Single Room With Separate Bathroom And Kitchen... - Hara (HARA-MURRABA-MALAZ)
  2. SAR 650/month, Need Separate Room With Kitchen And Bathroom - Azizia ((Azizia- Al-Rehab- Sahafa St.))
  3. Furnished, Executive Bachelor - Khobar
  4. SAR 12001400/month, Looking For 1BHK Bedroom Hall Kitchen Bathroom From 1st March - Jubail
  5. SAR 800/month, Separate Room - Al Faisaliyah (Al Faisaliyah Near Serafi Mega Mall)
  1. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Lookig For A Room With Attached Washroom Near Jubail Center - Jubail (Jubail Center)
  2. I Required A Family Room In Makkah Near Harram - Makkah (Near Harram)
  3. Wants Bed Space / Room Sharing - Manama
  4. SAR 1000/month, I Need One Office In Sharing For Manpower Supply Any One Have Please Contact To My What's - Azizia (I need one office in sharing for manpower supply s)
  1. Furnished, 56 Sq. Meter, Indian Driver Room - Riyadh (North Riyadh (exit 5 ) AlNafl or AlGhadeer or AlWa)
  2. SAR 300/month, Room Flat - Riyadh (Qaseem Burydah)
  3. Furnished, Looking For A Room In Burhama Area (Opposite Dana Mall) - Manama (Burhama (Opp Dana Mall))
  4. Driving License Appointment - Hara
  1. SAR 900/month, ROME RENT - Jeddah
  2. SAR 1500/month, Looking For A Room Or Apartment For Rent - Hara
  3. SAR 1000/month, SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished Room With Executives Bachelor Only Indians - Hara (Riyadh -Hara)
  4. BHD 60/month, Semi Furnished Single Room Including EWA, With Sharing Kitchen, - Salmabad (Riffa, Aali, Salmabad, Tubli, Isa town, Khamis, S)
  5. Furnished, Looking For Room For Umrah In Ramzan - Makkah (MAKKAH MUKARAMMA)
  6. SAR 600/month, Sep Room Available For Executive Bachelor In HaraNear To Yemeni Masjid Separate Bathroom - Hara (hara)
  7. SAR 800/month, One Single Bedroom With Attched Bathroom 800 Sar - Khobar (one single bed room with attched bathroom)
  1. I Am Looking For A Room Furnished/unfurnished Near Al Rajhi Bank OR Baskin Robbins - Rabigh
  2. SAR 600/month, One Room Available - Jeddah (al.Ruwais)
  3. I M Looking For 1 Room/bed Sharing Nr Aziziyah Jeddah - Azizia
  4. Room Or Bedspace Available
  5. Looking For Room Or Sharing Room - Jubail (Jubail City Centre Or Shola Pump)
  6. SAR 1100/month, One Room Available
    Al Safa
    al safa
  7. Furnished, Room Needed For 3 Months - Makkah (Near Al haram)
  1. SAR 500/month, I Am Looking A Small Room- Near Tamimi /Al Bukhari, Jubail - Jubail
  2. Looking For A Room - Dammam (Seiko Near)
  3. BHD 115, Room For Rent At Gudaibiya Near Almosky With EWA And Ac And Atta - Gudaibiya (near almosky market ground floor)
  4. Looking For A Furnished Or Unfurnished Room At Hara Near Lahore Khabe, Chamber Of Commerce - Hara (Hara Near Lahore Khabe, Chamber of commerce, T-Sho)
  5. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Separate Room Available For Executive Person Only - Al Rehab (Near Pakistani International school & Department O)
  1. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Need Family Room With Attached Toilet - Hara (Hai Al Wazarat ,Hara)
  2. SAR 1000/month, 2 Sq. Feet, Al Iskan Riyadh - Al Iskan (RIYADH AL ISKAN)
  3. BHD 95, Room For Rent At Gudaibiya Near Almosky With EWA And Ac - Gudaibiya (goudyia near almosky ground floor)
  4. SAR 480/month, Single Room Rent
  5. AED 9001200/month, Furnished, Look For Room Separate Or Sharing For A Executive In Appartment - Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Mussafah Shabya 11 12)
  6. SAR 600/year, Looking For A Room Attached Bath Room, And Kitchen - Jubail (Al Jubail)
  7. SAR 5006000/month, Looking Separate Room With Attached Bathroom, - Riyadh (As Sulay / Near romansia / near naseem / near nade)
  8. BHD 115, Room For Rent At Gudaibiya Near Almosky With EWA And Ac And Atta - Gudaibiya (godabiya near almosky market ground floor)
  9. SAR 500550/month, Looking For A Single Room With Attached CR - Khobar (Near Kadiwa, Seamill, Shawaya, Bofiyah, 3rd St. cr)
  10. BHD 110/month, Roommate For Sharing Flat. - Manama
  1. Furnished, Looking Comercial Flat - Hoora (Hoora, rasruman, umul Hasam,)
  2. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Looking For A Room - Tabuk City
  3. SAR 480/month, Single Room Available For Rent
    Ar rabee near mermaid super market
  4. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Wanted Room - Jeddah (Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Andalus, Jedd)
  5. I Am Looking For A Bed Space In Hara - Hara (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
  6. INR 14000/year, Please Contact - Lucknow (Hello I m looking for urgent bechlor room for 6 pe)
  1. I Need A Neat And Clean Room With Car Space. - Al Bawadi (Al Bawadi, Jeddah)
  2. Riyadh Shumaysi Area Like - Riyadh (Riyadh AL shumasyi)
  3. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Need Room Or Bed Space - Dammam (Near sekco market)
  4. SAR 1000/month, One Room Share With Me Rs 600 One Person Dena H Electric Share - Dammam (Near Dallas layan market)
  5. SAR 700/month, Looking For Room - Riyadh (Al Munsiyah)
  6. BHD 100/month, Furnished, 140 Sq. Meter, Single Bedroom Fully Furnished - Manama (Karbabad/Seef Behind Jawad Petrol Station)
  7. I Am Looking For One Room For 2 Person Or 2 Bed Space - Al Batha (Al batha)
  8. SAR 800/month, I Am Looking For Room Sulmaniyah Or Olaya - Al Sulaymaniyyah (Riyadh Sulmaniyah or riyadh olaya)
  9. SAR 500/month, Bad Sp - Khobar (16 st)
  1. SAR 800/month, Looking For A Furnished Room - Riyadh (Ad diriya)
  2. Furnished, I Am Looking A Room In Makkah For A Long Time - Azizia (Makkah, Misfla, Gaza Or Azizia)
  3. BHD 55/month, Bed Space For Only Ledies Full Furnished With Ewa - Manama (Sacret heart church manama)
  4. SAR 700/month, Furnished, I Need One Room In Bryman Jeddah - Jeddah (Bryman)
  5. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, I AM LOOKING FOR ROOM - Olaya (OLAYA, AL MURABBA, Ar Rahmaniyyah & Al Mathar Ash )
  6. BHD 150/month, Furnished, Looking For Room - Hoora
  1. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Looking For A Single Room - Jubail (Jubail city)
  2. Need Executive Bachelor 2bhk Flat For Single Room - Al Malaz (Riyadh , Al Malaz)
  3. SAR 500700/month, Looking For A Furnished /non Furnished Room - Dammam (Dammam, Near Dammam)
  4. SAR 800/month, Furnished, I Am Looking For Room Olaya Or Sulmaniyah - Olaya (riyadh olaya or sulmaniyah district)
  5. BHD 100/month, Furnished, Need Fully Furnished Room For Month - Gudaibiya
  1. SAR 6000/month, Urgent Looking 2 Room With Kitchen And Bathroom Separate - Riyadh (YASMIN)
  2. SAR 700/month, I'm Looking For Separate Or Sharing Room - Riyadh (Al Aqiq, Al Ghadir, An Nakheel, Al Muruj, Manfuha)
  3. SAR 10001200/month, I Am Looking For A Room - Riyadh (Al rimal or janadria area)
  1. BHD 120/month, ROOM FOR RENT - SEGAYA
  1. SAR 60007000/year, Furnished, I Need A Single Room Near Batha Commercial Market
    batha commercial market batha riyadh
  2. Looking For Single Room - Dhahran (al qashlah, al Rakah, Khobar North No.1)
  1. Looking For Furnished Room In Apartment Or Villa - Hara (Hara, Malaz, Murabba, Sulimaniyah)
  2. Furnished, Need Room Or Bed Space - Riyadh
  3. Looking For Bachelor Room - Al Zahra
  4. I Am Currently Looking For A Room In Diriyah Riyadh. If You Have Any Leads Or Know Someone - Ad Diriyah
  5. Furnished, 8368 Sq. Meter, Top-Notch Hotels At YVR Vancouver Airport - Vancouver (8368 Alexandra Road Richmond, British Columbia V6)
  6. SAR 800/month, URGENT! Looking For A Room In Mughrizat District Or Near King Abdullah Road - Mughrizat (Near King Abdullah Road or in Mughrizat District)
  7. Looking For Single Room Or Bedspace - Jeddah
  1. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Room Available To Bachelors In A Family Apartment - Riyadh (near to king Saud hospital, shumaisi)
  2. SAR 2000/month, Furnished, Am Looking For Furnished Family Room For Short Term Urgently - Riyadh (al olya)
  3. SAR 250/month, I Need Room Or Flat - Al Majmaah (nearst sudair also okay)
  4. I Am Looking Family Apartment - Jeddah (JEDDAH - AL SALAH)
  5. SAR 600700/month, Furnished, Looking For Single Room - Riyadh (Diriyah)
  6. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Separate Room Available For Bachelors - Ras Tanura
  1. Furnished, Bedroom Or 2bed Space Required For Batchelor (Kerala) - Al Sulaymaniyyah
  2. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Required Clean Furnished Room In 2 Or 3 BH Flat Etc Having Kitchen Access - Dammam (Dammam Near King Fahad Park)
  4. BHD 65/month, Furnished, Bedspace Available For Kerala Bachelor (1 Person) - Manama (gudabiya divya textiles)
  5. SAR 600/month, Looking For A Single Drawing Room At Dammam Eskan For Tuition - Dammam (Dammam eskan)
  1. Looking Single Room For Indian Bachelors - Salamah (Salama: Near Sari Street or Saqr Quresh)
  2. SAR 500/month, I Want A Small Room 500 Per Months - Hara
  3. SAR 500/month, Furnished, I Need A Furnished Room With Attached Bath / A Flat With 2 Baths - Thuqbah (Al Olaya , Al aqarbia)

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