Bedspace Wanted

  1. Need Bed Space - Dammam
  2. Looking For A Bed Space Space For 3 Months In Malaz ( Near Panda Or Zoo). - Al Malaz
  3. SAR 1000/month, I Am Looking For Bachelor Room Sharing - Jubail (Jubail city centre)
  4. BHD 30/month, Bad Space 30 Bd +light Bill - Muharraq (Near Master point Muharraq)
  5. SAR 500/month, I Am Looking For Bed Space - Al Malaz (Al malaz)
  1. SAR 400/month, 400 SAR/Month - Affordable Single Room - Hara
  2. BED SPACE AVAILABLE FOR BACHELOR - Khobar (al khobar Subekha Opposite sabb ATM)
  3. Searching For Bedspace Or Single Room - Al Aqeeq
  4. BHD 140/month, Furnished, ROOM SHARING
  1. BHD 35/year, Bed Spece Available For 35 Bd With Ewa - East Riffa (riffa bukwara ,road no 1315(near ahli bank ))
  1. SAR 1000/month, I Am Looking A Single Room In Al Naseem Area. - Al Naseem (near Dana compound)
  2. Bad Space Needed In Diriyah - Ad Diriyah (bad space needed in Diriyah)
  3. Looking For Bed Space - Olaya (Olaya . Riyadh)
  4. SAR 1000/month, Need One Room 2,3 Seater - Al Rehab (Al safa ,Al rehab ,Al waha)
  1. BHD 45/month, Furnished, Bed Space, Sharing Room - Gudaibiya (Gudaibiya (Qudaibiya))
  2. Need Room - Al Rehab (Al rehab area)
  3. A Professional Loking For A Bed Space In Riyadh. - Ad Diriyah (Umulhamaam)
  4. SAR 6000/year, I Am Looking For A Bed Space With 1 Or 2 Room Mates Malayalis Most Preferred - Riyadh (Sulaya exit 12 near by location)
  5. SAR 650/month, Furnished, 1 Sq. Meter, Shareing Room Or Bed Space For 1 Person
    Jeddah-Al Majhar-Ghuliel Opposite NAFT patrol pump
  1. Need Bed Space Or Room In Ushairat Sudiar / Sudair Industrial Area - Riyadh (ushairat sudair/ sudair industrial area)
  2. Bed Space Wants Or Small Room - Sanabis (Near danamall area)
  3. BHD 45/month, Furnished, Temporary Bedspace For Rent From July 17 To Nov Price Negotiable
    surrouded by nec kannada sanga, karnataka club, wa
  4. SAR 300/month, 15 Sq. Meter, Bed Space Available - Khobar (Khobar, thoubah)
  5. Looking For Accomodations ( Bed Space Or Room Or Apartments In Al Diriyah, Alwadi, - Ad Diriyah (alwadi , wadi laban, yourmouk,)
  6. SAR 300/month, റിയാദ് (അൽ മലാസ്) ബെഡ് സ്പേസ് കിട്ടാൻ ഉണ് - Al Malaz (AL MALAZ)
  1. SAR 500/month, I Need A Bed Space Availabile In A Room Near Sannabel, Khumra, Qyarniya, Fadheela - Al Sanabel (khomra)
  2. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Looking Bed Space - Islamabad (Near Diriyah)
  3. SAR 650/month, Bed Space Available For Indians - Hara Shola Market Park 0561298068 - Hara (Riyadh-hara)
  4. Bed Space - Riyadh (An nafal)
  1. Furnished, Bedspace Available For Single Lady - East Riffa (East Riffa Near Nesto)
  2. SAR 300/month, Bedspace Monthly 300 - Al Malaz (Al Malaz near Pespsi Company, Wooden Bakery)
  3. SAR 450/month, Looking For Bed Space In Qurtabha - Riyadh (looking for bed space in qurtabha)
  4. Iam Looking For A Room Or Bedspace In Diriyah Or Ummulhammam, Ph: 0537975025 - Riyadh (diriyah or ummul hammam)
  5. SAR 800/month, Furnished, I Am Looking For Small Room Or Bad Space - Al Aqeeq ((Al aqeeq, Riyadh ) near fitness gym ***)
  1. SAR 700/month, Furnished, Room Partner
    Al Bawadi
    Al bawadi,Madina Quraish
  2. Bed Space Available For Indians 600 / Per Month - Hara (Riyadh-hara)
  3. Searching For Bedspace Or Singleroom - Al Aqeeq (Um Al Hamam)
  1. Bed Space, Room - Al Sharafeyah (Riyadh)
  2. BHD 50/month, Furnished, Bed Space Available For Single Male
    Manama Bahrain
  3. I Need A Bedspace In Madina Munawara Any Place - Madinah (Madina Munawara any Place)
  4. BHD 15/month, Furnished, AVAILABLE NEAR RAMEEZ HYPER MARKET - Muharraq
  5. BHD 4050/month, Furnished, 168 Sq. Feet, Bed Space Two Person Room - Riffa
  1. SAR 300/month, Furnished, I Am Looking Bed Space Or With Sharing Room For Living Long Time Near Dakhla Mahdood - Jubail (I am looking ????️ space for living long ti)
  2. SAR 350/month, Furnished, Bachelor Room Wanted - Hasa-Hofuf
  3. SAR 500/month, Furnished, Bed Space Available (Keralites) - Al Mahjar
  4. SAR 900/month, Furnished, I Am Looking Fir Bed Space Or Single Room In Duba City - Duba
  5. 0583617469 Room For Rent - Riyadh (0583617469 Room for Rent)
  1. Searching For Indian Bedspace In Olaya - Olaya
  2. SAR 200/month, Need Sharing Flat/ Room - Dammam
  3. SAR 400, Bed Space - Hasa-Hofuf (Al Uyon near Al othaim Market Bed Space available )
  4. Room Or Bedspace - Dammam (3662 4ب, Al Rakah Ash Shamaliyah, Dammam 342)
  5. Want To Share Room I Need A Decent Person Pakistani I Am Living Alone In Room 3bhk Apartme - Jeddah (Nahda Street Muhammadiya Near by American internat)
  1. SAR 200/month, Furnished, Want The BedSpace In Al Badiah Area Or Gharnata Area Dammam - Dammam (Al Badiah Area)
  2. Furnished, Bed Space Available In Madina Near Noor Mall - Madinah (Near Noor mall)
  1. SAR 300/month, 15 Sq. Meter, Bed Space Available - Khobar (Khobar, thoubah)
  2. SAR 600/month, Furnished, 1BHk_Furnished For Singles Only 1
    Rawdha Near up Hotel Ground floor
  3. SAR 200400/month, Furnished, Bedspace/room Wanted - Dammam (dammam ibnkhaldun area)
  1. SAR 500/month, Bed Space Available - Hara (Opposite Malaz Resturant)
  2. I Am Looking For Single Room Or Bedspace Azizya - Al Aziziyyah (0500 195326)
  3. SAR 300/month, Looking A Room
  1. SAR 1000/month, 6 Sq. Meter, Roommate Wanted: Decent South Indian Muslim Professional Exit 6 - Riyadh (Nozah Exit 6 near Hammadi Hospital /STC)
  2. I Am Looking For Furnsihed 1BHK . - Khobar
  3. SAR 250/month, Bed Space Available, Keralites
    near, hankook tire shop
  1. Bachelor Bedspace Near To Jubail Lulu Mall - Jubail (preferring near to jubail lulu mall)
  2. BHD 55/month, Furnished, BED SPACE AVAILABLE. 39682135 - Adliya
  1. I WANT A BED SPACE - Hara (riyadh hara)
  2. SAR 500/month, Looking For Room - Jeddah (Near Sittien)
  1. BHD 35/null, Bed Space Available In Manama - Manama
  1. SAR 300/month, I Need A Bedspace From 1st July Very Urgently For A Long Period Of Time. - Aziziyah (Al azezeya compound, al amwaj, Khobar)
  2. SAR 400/month, LOOKING A BEDSPACE OR SINGLE ROOM റൂം ആവിശ്യമുണ്ട്‌ - Jeddah (sharafiyah , al hamra, mushrifa ,mosadiya area)
  1. SAR 450/month, I Need Roommate Partner Because Good Clean And Maintain Person
    Jeddah ar rawdah tahlia near Market sarawath.
  2. Looking For Room Sharing Near Middle East Hospital /Kerla Samajam For Indian Citizen. - Segaya (Jinz/Segaya)
  3. SAR 800/month, Looking For A Bed Space - Al Yasmin (I am looking for a bedspace (pakistani) in Al yasm)
  4. SAR 300/month, Furnished, ONLY NEED FOR BANGLADESHI
    Jubail near of cityflower, Old turkish resturant b
  5. Indian Lady Looking For Bedspace In Busaiteen Area (near Nesto) - 33630153 - Busaiteen
  6. SAR 350/month, BEDSPACE - Khobar (KHOBAR SUBAIKA)
  7. SAR 200/month, 250 Sq. Meter, Bed Space - Jubail (Saudi airline signal near madrassa)
  8. BHD 35/month, Bed Space Including Ewa.
    near to Muharraq nesto and ramez.
  1. Bhd 43/month, Room For Shareing
    i have room for shareing hidu is better near unive
  2. SAR 400/month, I Want Bed Space Al Balad Or Near District - Al Balad (Al Balad or near District)
  1. Furnished, Looking For Badspace - Riyadh
  3. Looking For A Bed Space / Sharing Room At Diriyah (near To Jax District). - Ad Diriyah (Near to Jax district - Diriyah)
  4. SAR 700/month, Need Room/bed For Single Person Indian - Al-Muzahmiya
  1. BHD 35/month, Bed Space - Gudaibiya
  2. Furnished, Looking For A Bed Space Or Sharing Accommodation For Indian National - Al Seef (al seef, karbabad)
  1. SAR 350/month, 7 Sq. Meter, Bed Space Alkobar Shamila - Riyadh (Al kobar)
  2. SAR 350/month, Bed Space - Riyadh (Al kobar)
  3. SAR 300/month, 15 Sq. Meter, Room Partner Need - Khobar (Khobar, thoubah)
  4. SAR 150/month, I Need Bachelor Room. Mangalore /kerala Muslim - Jubail (Dammam)
  5. SAR 500600/month, Bed Space Or Single Room Required - Jeddah (Hira Street)
  6. BHD 50/month, Looking For Sharing Room For 2 Indian Bachelors - Hidd
  1. SAR 700/year, Wanted A Bachelor Room Or Bed Space For Rent In Al Aarid. - Riyadh (I am looking for a bachelor room for me in Al Aari)
  2. Furnished, As Salaam Alaykum I Need Bed Space For Me In Rabigh City. Kindly Let Me Know On My Mobile - Rabigh
  3. SAR 200/month, 300 Sq. Meter, Bed Space Available - Jubail (Saudi air line signal madrassa)
  4. Searchibg For Bed Space . - Al Yasmin
  5. Searching For Bed Space ( Pakistani) - Al Malqa
  1. SAR 400/month, Furnished, Offer Bedspace On Rent - Khobar (offer bedspace including electricity bill decent a)
  2. SAR 200/month, I Need Bed Space In Al Sahafa Area. - Riyadh
  3. SAR 1/year, Looking For Room Or Bed Space In Hamra - Riyadh (Looking for room or bed space near hamra kfc area)

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