Rooms for Rent Jeddah

Friday, January 27, 2023
  1. SAR 1000/month, Room Available For Rent
  2. SAR 1000/month, Room Available For Bachelor
Thursday, January 26, 2023
  1. SAR 1000/month, 1000/1room/1bathroom No Bachelor
  1. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, 1 Room Near Aiziza Near Pakistani School Near Masjid Tawoin 1000 Per Month 0598685679 - Azizia (SAR 1000/Month, Furnished, Big Room In Family Flat)
  2. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Separate Single Room
  3. SAR 900/month, Furnished, 8090 Sq. Meter, 1 Person 1 Room Attached Balcony
    Mushrefah makrona road Abu bakar masjid
  4. SAR 800/month, One Room With Kitchen And Washroom Is Available - (Gulail Mahjar Jeddah KSA)
  5. SAR 1400/month, Furnished, Title: /-one- Room Single Person
  6. SAR 1700/month, Furnished, Title:ONESWEET Room Single Person - Azizia (Jeddah Alaziziah)
  7. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Jeddah - Bani Malik (jeddah, bani malik 2)
  8. 2 Room With Attached Toilet Only . - (palestine street jeddah)
  9. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, Room For Bachelors - (Pakistan international school Masjad Altawoon)
  1. SAR 600/month, Semi Furnished Room Rent Only For 1 Bachelor Indian
  2. SAR 800/null, 1 Room Is Available Out Of 4 Rooms In Sharing Flat With Electricity Excluded And Water+ WiFi Included - (Al Rawdah)
  3. SAR 350/month, Furnished, Sharing Room With All Houshold In AlNahda - (Jeddah AlNahda)
  4. SAR 8000/year, 1 Room Available For Filipino Bachelor - Al Olaya (Al olaya district near centria mall)
  5. SAR 8000/year, 1 Room Available In Olaya District Near Centria Mall Riyadh Ksa - Al Olaya (Olaya district near centria mall riyadh)
  6. SAR 600/month, Room For Rent In A Three Bed Rooms Flat - (Jeddah Salama)
  1. SAR 8000/year, 1 Filipino Bachelor Room Near Olaya District City Center - Al Olaya (Olaya district , centria mall along localizer riya)
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
  1. Riyals 650/null, One Room Is Available In Jeddah Near Al  Rabwa - (One room available in rabwa for only single person)
  2. SAR 675/month, Room Available 675 In Jeddah Rabwa - (One Room Available in Jeddah near marwa center rab)
  3. SAR 550/month, 0506166958 Room On Rent For PAK/IND Safa2 Near Albaik - Al Safa (Safa 2)
  4. SAR 1000/month, 44 Sq. Meter, 1 Room Available For Bachelor
  5. SAR 750/month, Room For Rent
    safa jeddah
  6. SAR 500/month, Furnished, I Offering Room For Any One - (As safa Jeddah)
  7. SAR 625/month, Single Room Available For 1 Bachelor - Al Zahra (Beside Saudi German Hospital Jeddah)
  8. SAR 1000/month, Room For Rent Sari Street Near Alraya
    Jeddah ar rabwa near alraya sari street
  9. SAR 750/month, Offering A Big Room In 2room Flat 750Sar/month - (Makronah street behind khamsa riyal market mushrif)
  10. SAR 600/month, I Am Offering A Room - Al Marwah
  11. SAR 1000/month, 1 Room Avaliable - Al Safa (Al Safa backside of SACO)
  12. SAR 700/month, 1414 Sq. Feet, One Room Is Available In A 3-bedroom Apartment In Ar-Rawdah (Jeddah) - Near Farm - (Ar Rawdah)
  13. SAR 800/month, Single Room Available For Single Decent Bachelor - (Mushrifa district)
  14. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, Room For Bachelor For One Month - (Pakistan international school Masjad Altawoon)
  15. SAR 800/month, Room For Bachelor Behind MAX Store, Bagdadiyah
  16. SAR 800/month, One Single Room Available In Two Room Flat - (Jeddah mushrifa in front of sahafa maroor)
  17. ROOM FOR RENT (FOR MALE FILIPINO ONLY WITH VALID IQAMA - Mushrefah (near McDonald's Palestine Road and NIgerian Consul)
Tuesday, January 24, 2023
  1. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Big Room 800 Riyal (for Family Or Women Only)
  2. SAR 800/month, SAR 800/month, Room For Rent In Azizia Al Moulefeen Street - Azizia
  3. Separate Room Available Near Al Hindawiah Plaza Sitteen Road - (Al Hindawiah/ Albalad)
  4. SAR 650/month, One Separate Room For An Educated Bachelor - Azizia (Arabaeen street Opposite of Mobily office . Azizia)
  5. SAR 700/month, ROOM FOR RENT Fasliyah 3 Months Rent
    Al Faisaliyah
  6. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, 1 Sq. Meter, 1 Room Available For Rent In Sharing Location New Bani Malik.. Contact For More 0553910561 - Bani Malik (Location New bani malik)
  7. SAR 1000/month, One Single Room Available With For Executives - (Al Wazeeriya)
  8. SAR 600/month, 4 Sq. Meter, SINGLE ROOM FOR INDIAN - (SAFA-4)
  9. SAR 550/month, SAR 550/month, 0506166958 Room On Rent4PAKIND Safa2near Albaik - (Al-safa dist3 near to tahlia arbaeen crossing brid)
  10. SAR 750/month, Furnished, Single Room Is Available For A Decent Bachelor.
    Aziziyah beside Tahliya Kubri
  11. Riyal 900, Room Available - Al Ruwais (Al Ruwaise)
  12. SAR 900, SAR 900/month, റുവൈസ് സിംഗിൾ റൂം ഒഴിവുണ്ട് - (Ruwaise)
  13. SAR 900, റുവൈസ് സിംഗിൾ റൂം ഒഴിവുണ്ട് - (Ruwaise)
  14. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, Room For Rent
  15. SAR 700/month, 100 Sq. Feet, Singale Room Available (for Couple) - (Bagdadiya)
  16. SAR 500/month, Offering 01 Room In 3 Room Flat - (Banimallik jeddah)
  18. SAR 600/month, Room For Rent Available From February 16 - Azizia (ALAZIZIA)
  19. I Am Offering A Room Space For One Person - Only Pakistani Or Indian - (Jeddah, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah)
  20. SAR 799/month, Room For Rent In Two Bedroom Flat In Jeddah
  21. SAR 750/month, Semi Furnished Room Available - Al Rehab (Jeddah, Mualifeen Street, Arabeen)
  22. SAR 1200/month, Single Room Available
Monday, January 23, 2023
  1. SAR 950/month, A Room Is Available For Rent With Dedicated Washroom For Executive Pakistani Bachelor
    Jeddah, Alzahra District
  2. Fridge, Ac, Washingmachine Technician
    sabayeen street , opp. Flemingo mall
  3. SAR 600/month, One Big Room For Rent For Single Person Sharfiya
  4. SAR 550/month, One Room Available For Rent 550/- - (Aziziya)
  5. Furnished, Room Available In Jeddah
    Jeddah, Al Faisaliyyah
  6. SAR 800/month, Furnished, Room Available In Mushrefah/Gharnatah For IND/PAK Decent Bachelor. - Mushrefah
Sunday, January 22, 2023
  1. SAR 1200/month, Neat Room Available For Executive Bachelor In Azizia - Azizia (Azizia , Moalifeen Street, near Khana Khazana)
  2. SAR 1000/month, Sharing Room
  3. SAR 1200/month, Furnished, One Neat Room Available - Azizia (Azizia, Rehab)
  4. ROOM FOR RENT (FOR MALE FILIPINO ONLY WITH VALID IQAMA - Mushrefah (near McDonald's Palestine Road and NIgerian Consul)
  5. Room For Pinoy In Mushrefa - Mushrefah
  6. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Bed Space Available - (Ash Sheraa Obher Shamalia)
  7. SAR 950/month, 1 Furnished Sharing Bed Room Available Included All Bills Near Shakreen Safa Dist - Al Safa
  8. SAR 800/month, Room For Rent
  9. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Room Available Near Redsea Mall - (Al nahda)
Saturday, January 21, 2023
  1. SAR 750/month, Room Available For SINGLE Person ▲▼ - Al Rehab (Al Rehab, Azizia Dist., back of Danube Hyper Marke)
  2. SAR 1200/month, Al-Murjan District Near Foundation Roundabout 1 Room In A 2bhk Flat With 2 Bathrooms
    Murjan Near Foundation Roundabout
  3. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Room For Rent Only Female - (Jeddah Palestine Street)
  4. SAR 1850/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished 1room With 1hall Studio Apartment Available For Rent In A Family Building
    Al Safa
    near al haram center um al qoura street
Friday, January 20, 2023
  1. SAR 600/month, Furnished, One Room Available For Single, Urdu Speaking Karachi.
    Al Mahjar
    Ghulail. Between ring square & south Mall
  2. SAR 300/month, Sharing Room On Rent - Al Rehab (Behind Faisal International School on Moolfeen Roa)
  3. SAR 900/month, Room Available For Rent In Jeddah Mishrefah - (Mishrefah,jeddah)
  4. SAR 260/month, Furnished, മലയാളികൾ മാത്രം ഉള്ള റൂം ഒഴിവ്
    Al Ameer Fawwaz Junobi
    Near lulu
  5. SAR 312/month, Furnished, Room Available For Rent - Al Hindawiya (Near Balad)
  6. SAR 1000/month, Furnished, Single Room With Attached Bathroom - Azizia (Safi Building, Opposite Masjid Tawun, Near Pakista)
Thursday, January 19, 2023
  1. Furnished, 1 Room Furnished For Bachelor/bachelors - Azizia (Aziza near masjid taawun, Pakistani school)
  2. SAR 123/month, Room Available For Rent In Al Salamah - Salamah (Al salamah)
  3. SAR 1180/month, Furnished, 64 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished - (Rehaab, Jeddah)
  4. SAR 800/month, 20 Sq. Meter, Room For Rent - (Mushrifa near panda falasteen street)
  5. SAR 300/month, Bedspace Available For Kerala Malayali - (Faisaliya)
  6. SAR 450/month, Room For Rent 450 SR Each Person - Al Zahra (JEDDAH, NEAR SAUDI GERMAN HOSPITAL)
  7. SAR 1000/month, 1x Separate Room + 1x Separate Washroom For Pakistani / Indian Bachelor
    Al Safa
    Al Safa / Rehab
  8. SAR 800/month, Single Room Available For A Decent Person
  10. Kabayan Room Rent In Mushrefa - Mushrefah
  11. SAR 560/month, Rooms Available For Rent
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
  1. SAR 560/month, Rooms Available For Rent
  2. SAR 500/month, Room For Rent
    Khalid Bin Waleed
  3. Rooms Available For Rent
  4. SAR 600/month, Furnished, Fully Furnished One Single Room Only For 1 Single Lady For 1 Month Available From 18 Jan - Al Safa (Al Safa 1 , opposite Aziz Mall)
  5. SAR 563/month, Room Available For Rent
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
  1. SAR 1180/month, Furnished, 64 Sq. Meter, Fully Furnished - (Rehaab, Jeddah)

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